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05-04-14, 10:54 am
I didn't find this forum till I had had Colonel for over a month. I've learned a lot about boars since coming here. He was less than two months old when I got him and while I was able to clearly see he was a boy, I never could get his penis to extrude to be able to really make sure it was clean etc like in the videos, I wasn't worried because I'd seen it can be hard to do when they are so young and he never looked like he was having any problems. He still doesn't look like he has any problems. No redness or swelling. No problems peeing or pooping or anything. He seems perfectly healthy.

Last night he was in his pen and he was, um, having a good time with one of his stuffies and it stuck to him. So of course when he went to move, it went with him and he freaked out running around the pen to get away. It came off of him and he seemed fine but I figured I better check him over. He looked like he always does but I still can't get his penis to "pop" out. It's just always looks like a wrinkly little nub of skin. If I try to coax his penis out by gently pushing down you can see the line of the shaft but it's like it can't come out the hole. Am I wording this in a way that makes sense? He doesn't like to be handled in this fashion so I hate to mess with him if it's not needed. I only try for a minute before I give up because I don't want to stress him out. Is this something I should be worried about? It's just that he's getting to be a big boy and I keep reading about boar glue and hay getting stuck up there and he drags his butt around so much. I don't want him to have problems of course, but I don't want to keep stressing him out either. I did clean his anal sac a couple months ago but it wasn't really dirty. I wipe his little nub off and keep that clean. Is it a big deal that I can't get his penis to come out? Should I take him to the vet? My vet only charges me $16 to see my piggies so it won't break the bank for a check in. What do you think? Problem or not a problem?

05-04-14, 11:16 am
I don't think it's necessary to retract it and clean it. If there is something obvious stuck in there like hay, yes, clean it off or remove the hay but otherwise I think it's fine to leave it alone. The current intact care for human males is to leave it alone and not retract either if uncircumcised so I figure guinea pigs don't need messing with theirs either unless there is something obvious stuck in it. My 6 MO male had a piece of hay in his twice and I just gently removed it but still didn't retract it at all.

05-04-14, 11:17 am
I would go visit your vet just to be safe, but I think that he is OK. Hope all is well :)

05-04-14, 11:23 am
Google the term ''Cauliflower Willy'' and see if that applies to your situation. Make sure to read a lot about it, there's many different sources; there doesn't seem to just be a single page dedicated to it. It's basically a guinea pig with a lot of foreskin, and the penis doesn't protrude out as normal. I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to check it out more frequently than a regular Guinea Pig penis, and to lubricate it with mineral oil weekly, as it can become quite agitated. If you're unsure, going to the vet is still a good idea, since it is very possible you just can't get the penis to come out, but make sure your vet is informed about Cauliflower Willy.

Also, as muddygrl said, it is not an absolute necessity to retract their penis unless you suspect infection or that something is stuck up there, but cleaning and lubricating of the outside is something to look into.

05-04-14, 11:30 am
Just hold him firmly and push hard enough for it to pop out. It doesn't matter whether he likes it or not, and he doesn't need a vet visit. You'll learn to do it. There's a good video sticky on the medical forum about it.

05-04-14, 01:16 pm
I guess I'll keep practicing. I just tried again and had no luck at all. I'm putting in a picture of how it always looks. I have to be doing it wrong even though I've watched that video a million times. His nub actually seems to shrink when I push down and his willy certainly doesn't pop out. Maybe I should go to the vet just for so they can try to teach me how to do it? The video makes it look so easy, though Colonel certainly doesn't sit still like mojo. Here's a picture. It's a hair fuzzy cause my camera wouldn't focus right. 64888

05-04-14, 02:29 pm
I I'm putting in a picture of how it always looks.

Yep......that's how it usually looks when at ease. My boy is neutered and it's difficult to get him to extrude his penis.......but it can be done. No one ever mentions this because it probably seems inappropriate to them, but I'm a physician and accustomed to doing what is necessary. Put your middle finger on the penis under the skin, and with thumb and forefinger, gently massage the area around the nub you see. You will get results.

An example of doing-what-is-necessary..........I recently went into a local Petco to buy my favorite litter, and noticed a cage and cavy sitting near the register. Zips had been surrendered to the store and was awaiting adoption. Of course, I went to him and took him out of his cage to give him some love. Well, poor little man couldn't retract his penis because he had shavings and gunk stuck on it. I asked for a q-tip, pulled some emollient creme out of my handbag, and proceeded to clean Zips' penis right on the spot. One store employee stood by to help, but the others were so astounded that they didn't know what to do or say.

05-04-14, 02:35 pm
Ok, I'll try that tonight during cuddle time. He was pretty upset with me so I'll give him time to relax. Poor little guy. :(

05-04-14, 03:31 pm
If that's where you're pushing, it's way too high. It should be just above his genitalia.

05-04-14, 04:31 pm
Oh! No, I was just holding him so we could get a pic. That's not where I was pushing at all. Sorry, I should have been more clear.