View Full Version : Not a Rescue Group...BREEDER ALERT!

Zombie Queen
04-30-14, 09:05 pm
Hey guys! She's at it again! We musttake these ads down! She is not...I repeat, NOT a rescue group...butindeed is a breeder who takes in guinea pigs for breeding purposes.

This link is her getting rid of some ofher breeding “stock”. Very sad and we must do what we can to helpstop it. Flag, flag, flag and more flagging!

For those of you who don't believe sheis a breeder, please refer to this link:

04-30-14, 09:20 pm
I flagged them. I also emailed her and asked her for a link to her rescue website.

Zombie Queen
04-30-14, 09:34 pm
Oh do tell me what she says!! Thanks for flagging!

04-30-14, 09:37 pm
Oh do tell me what she says!! Thanks for flagging!

I did it last time, too, with another email address. She replied saying she doesn't have one. Not surprising.

04-30-14, 09:55 pm
The only ad I see up is the one for the cute male piggy.

kraizy randoms
04-30-14, 10:02 pm
The first link has been taken down for flagging

04-30-14, 10:28 pm
I flagged the second one, the first one has been taken down. I wish I saw this sooner :( :)

04-30-14, 10:29 pm
Zombie Queen you should post that to our page

Zombie Queen
05-01-14, 07:06 am
Great job guys! Now we just have to get the other down! Keep up the great work!

05-01-14, 07:28 am
This woman.. Smh. WILL SHE EVER STOP? Flagged the 2nd one.