View Full Version : Are Midwest cages too small???

04-30-14, 02:54 pm
I have a Midwest cage for my boy and I am wondering if it is too small. I am so glad I didn't get one of those way-too-small pet-store ones. My pig would have most definetly been miserable.

04-30-14, 02:56 pm
No you could get another and attach the two. I think Midwest habitats are the only store cage that meets the measurement requirements.

04-30-14, 03:22 pm
I have 2 Midwest cages! I had them connected and then I realized one of my girls was a boy (I didn't know about pet stores until I found this forum) so I seperated them. Once I can get The Flash neutered and he is ready to be reunited with Jasmine I am going to connect them again. They love all the space :)

04-30-14, 03:36 pm
I have my 2 baby girls in a midwest and its plenty of space. It is on the small side of big enough but mine get a good amount of floor time so I think its fine. I agree though if they are not super bonded it may be a bit to small.