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04-24-14, 11:17 pm
Hi everyone. I have been following the forum for a few months now. After losing my last guinea pig nearly six years ago, I recently adopted three beautiful ladies: Graycie, Gizmo, and Penny. I look forward to getting to know everybody. :)

04-24-14, 11:19 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum. Thank you for choosing to adopt.

04-24-14, 11:19 pm
Welcome to the forum, we'd love to see some pigtures of Graycie, Gizmo and Penny!

04-24-14, 11:32 pm
If I can figure out how to post pics I will tomorrow lol. Anyway all three of my girls are shorthairs. Graycie is gray and white (silver agouti I think is the proper name for the color). Gizmo is white and black with just the slightest bit of brown. And Penny is all black except her back feet are white.

04-24-14, 11:35 pm
Welcome and yes I agree with MochaAndMoo

04-24-14, 11:51 pm
I actually got my girls from someone whose child didn't want them anymore. I have had them 7 weeks so baby watch is almost over! I think we're safe. I was told they had no contact with males, but I have heard that before and ended up with babies.

Piya and Buddy
04-25-14, 12:22 am
Hey and welcome to the forum! I'd love to see some photos of Graycie, Gizmo, and Penny! :)

04-25-14, 02:14 am
hi piggymommy89

those are super-cute names. i hope you have lots of fun with your new piggies.

04-25-14, 07:53 am
Welcome and congratulations on your new adoptions. They sound absolutely precious. :)

04-25-14, 08:01 am
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new piggies! Thanks for deciding to adopt as well, hope to see pigtures too!

04-25-14, 10:59 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum!

04-26-14, 07:31 am
Welcome! Your piggies sound adorable.

04-26-14, 08:18 am
Hi and welcome! Can't wait to see pigtures of your new piggies!