View Full Version : Second level? or No second level?

09-22-05, 12:54 pm
Do you think a second level is a good idea? Or does tthe ramp take away too much space?

09-22-05, 01:09 pm
Depends how big the first level is. If you have a big 1st level then it shouldn't be a problem but if its just a 7.5 sq ft cage then I would reccommend building stairs, not a ramp. Look at some pictures of peoples ideas; Get creative with it.

Percy's Mom
09-22-05, 01:14 pm
How big a cage do you have now? If you already have minimal space, I wouldn't bother with the second level. When you add a ramp or stairs, it makes it much harder for your piggers to run around without bumping into things.

09-22-05, 01:15 pm
well hopefully the bottom is going to be 5x3.. depends on where i'm putting it. dum de dum decisions are hard! lol

Percy's Mom
09-22-05, 01:52 pm
The only other question is how many piggers are going in that cage? In a 5X3, an L-shaped second level would be pretty cool with a ramp on the short side.

09-22-05, 01:55 pm
3 piggies, L shaped is a good idea!!

Percy's Mom
09-22-05, 02:24 pm
That's what I was looking at when I started designing the cage I'm building. I've since decided to not add the 2nd level right now. The L lets you still have lots of light in the first level though. Have fun building!