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04-21-14, 02:43 am
Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum! :D I am a new mum to two girl piggies for a week now! As part of my preparations before I acquired them, I researched for nearly two weeks about their needs, and a big chunk of my time was taken by searching about their food. A lot of info was available, but most are only applicable to Western countries. Things like endive, dandelion, and raspberries are not readily available in our country, the Philippines, so I had to look up bountiful (‘exotic,’ according to some) food in the Philippines, like malunggay (moringa), singkamas (jicama), and togue (mung bean sprouts), not to mention having to find the Filipino terms for them!
I decided to make this list so I (and other family members who wish to throw in treats for my future piggies) can easily see which food they can eat and how much. I’m sharing this so cavy owners will have a reference, too!
And so here it is, THE List! Most helpful to guinea pig owners living in the Philippines and in neighbouring countries. Ready-to-print, 8.5″ x 13″ size. Pin it up near your cavies’ cage or on your fridge for fast & easy reference!

DeviantArt link for high-quality download:

Information based on the ff. sites:
Guinea Pig Illustration by Meh-Anne of Deviantart.com.
PS. If there’s any corrections, kindly comment back so I can edit. Thank you!

Will be posting photos of my babies soon!

04-21-14, 08:53 am
I wouldn't put the grasses with the food list, they aren't part of the cup a vegs a day.

04-21-14, 08:50 pm
I wouldn't put the grasses with the food list, they aren't part of the cup a vegs a day.
I classified the grasses as Forages, and the veggies and greens are classified accordingly, lunarminx. :) "Vegetable serving size should be about a cup a day," and it doesn't say "Vegetable and forages serving be about a cup a day. And grasses are food, anyways. :D

04-22-14, 06:23 am
That's an informative list. Well done.

04-22-14, 07:22 am
There is only one fault, and that is that there is no portions. To be accurate, I suggest you include a measurement. Other than that, it's a fairly useful list.

04-22-14, 01:51 pm
I think it's great, there are a lot of things in the Asian supermarket near me that I've been wondering if I can feed to Ferb, they look leafy and green but I have no idea. This chart is super useful to me!

04-22-14, 08:18 pm
Would've liked to include portions, but I wanted to limit the size of the file so it's easy to print.:ohmy: BTW, my main inspiration for this list is www.passionforpets.com.au's Cavy Safe Food List. It had a limited line of food, though, so I made my own.
I've included source links on the printable file, just on the bottom. :)

Piya and Buddy
04-22-14, 08:25 pm
This list is superb! I like the way you organized it and color coded it. I live in Hong Kong, and there are some things that you can't get in HK, so this list really helped me. Thank you!

06-01-14, 10:04 pm
Thank you very much for this! I know it's really hard to find suitable guinea pig food here in the Philippines but as you've shown us, research goes a long way! Thanks! :)

06-01-14, 11:20 pm
awesome job, thanks for sharing all your hard work :)

Vanni Cristi
07-12-14, 06:47 am
Awesome job!! Thanks so much!

08-31-14, 09:18 pm
Thank you for this! We just got our first cavy two days ago. Been feeding him the grass and pellets from the breeder but I've already ordered alfalfa hay online. We've tried feeding him different veggies but he just ignores them. The problem is the alfalfa-based pellets, I can't seem to find any because stores are out of stock or don't carry them. Would be great if anyone here can point me to a reliable source for Oxbow Performance.

08-31-14, 11:54 pm
Here's where I buy my Oxbow pellets: https://m2.facebook.com/105041129552326/albums/168626636527108/?_rdr

09-01-14, 12:10 am
very helpful! what a great cheat sheet for guinea pig diet ! thanks:)

09-01-14, 09:17 am
If he's getting alfalfa hay he doesn't need alfalfa pellets too, they both serve the same purpose of providing extra calcium. He does still need a long strand hay/grass as the bulk of his diet, the alfalfa hay is supplemental.

09-03-14, 09:37 pm
Thanks for the info. I got Timothy Hay for the bulk of his diet!