View Full Version : Ticked off bunny

09-22-05, 12:11 pm
Well I admit it, I have been so busy with buying a home and packing etc that I havent spent much time with Buddha, I know bad bad momma :( I keep telling myself things will get back into a routine when we get into the new house of which the pets will have their own room. Buddha was clinging to the front of his cage standing up on his hind legs bitting the cage bars like Hello remember me:confused: ? So I went over where he was on the 2nd level of his cage, opened the door and stuck my face in. Now normally he comes over sniffs my head and then kisses me. WELL he came over to me grunted pawed and dug at my hair a few times then turned his back to me He kept his back to me and was sitting far enough away to where I could reach him but not love on him. I said I was sorry and I was a bad momma. Nope he ignored me This morning I went to feed him and before doing so pet him and loved on him, he managed to give me a quick kiss before telling me he was annoyed and wanted to be fed. Hows that for being told off from a rabbit :melodrama

Cavy Tamer
09-22-05, 08:01 pm
Haha. Yeah. Make sure to spend some serious quality time with him sometime soon. :)