View Full Version : Cage C&C cage built, advice on anything I've done wrong, and ideal herd size?

04-09-14, 10:36 am
Monday I received my 2x6 C&C cage setup from the store here (:D) and of course SO and I set it up right away. I've prepped my fleece with several (i beleive it was three) pre-washings, and have two layers of towels, though it overlaps slightly in some spots, under it. Here is my cage currently... I have a spare change of fleece/fleece accessorys and towels, and two heavy crocks as well, outside of the pen currently. Theres a hammock with a little canopy (forgive the quality, but I assure you it'll hold the piggies no problem), a little coroplast hut with three open sides and fleece strips attached.. And all coroplast the piggies are exposed to has been sanded and cleaned. I also have a kitchen, which is missing its bedding, though I do currently have the aspen bedding on hand, i just haven't put it in, since I have no piggies at this moment. The bricks are smooth around the edges to prevent piggy injury, and I've set them up so they'll be able to use them to exit/enter the kitchen as well as having one under their big flip top bottle. I have a hay rack, though it leaves something to be desired, so I might try to remake it, seeing as I have plenty of spare coro to use. I also have another hidey, but when I was putting it in the pen monday I realized there was only one entrance!:eek: So of course I took that out so I could make a back entrance incase of piggy squabbles. Theres also a small potty pad for that hut, and under the hammock, because if I know piggies they'll want to potty there. There are also a few -small- fleece stuffed fleece pillows I made with scraps for piggies to play with or snuggle. The hamper there is cloth, and I'll be putting hay in that for storage.. No other animals are allowed in this room, so no lid has been put on their cage. The door they're next to is a closet door with some random storage stuff, so that wont be a problem either. Now we just have to get their nibbles and find some pigs! We were thinking three, but would four be alright in this pen? Females, that is.

04-09-14, 10:38 am
Looks wonderful! I don't see anything wrong.

04-09-14, 10:39 am
It looks really good! I'm not sure if you'll need bricks though. If your fleece goes over the edges, then you can use binder clips or pegs to keep it there, instead of bricks, which take up running space. You pretty much definitely won't need them in the kitchen tray either.

Oh, and for a 2x6, you could get away with 3 females, or two males :)

04-09-14, 10:41 am
Well I was going to use the bricks to help keep the piggy toenails in line between trimmings, as I -really- would hate for there to be any problems with that. I'm the type of animal mom that worries about everything, lol. Plus I worry about the heat of summer, and those bricks should be cool, right? Eyeballing the pen I was wondering if I went a bit excessive on how many though... it's only the three near/in the kitchen however.

04-09-14, 10:43 am
Bricks won't do anything for their nails. A lot of people walk them round on pavement, put bricks in the cage, but it does nothing. Only clipping works with these guys. You can try and find a vet tech who'll clip 'em for cheap regularly though. I do that because I just cannot do it myself lol
The most commonly used 'cooler' in guinea pigs cages are probably floor tiles, or cobblestones (smoother and flatter than bricks, easier to flop on top of)

04-09-14, 10:47 am
Oh? Well shoot, I guess I have bricks to... toss out into sink holes in the yard? Who knows! They're new and cleaned up so maybe I can use them as.. rather excessive paper weights. What about the old thing about bricks and stones helping to absorb water? Keeping the one under the water bottle wouldn't help keep the bedding from getting as soggy? Or is that a terrible idea? And I don't mind clipping toes, I planned on doing it regardless. I have ferrets in a different room and I have to clip those little toesies too, so I'm quite used to it.

04-09-14, 10:51 am
It would have to be a porous stone to do that, I'm not sure if bricks qualify as that? But, the best thing to do, is to make 'pee pads'. Get your absorbent layer (towels) sandwich it between two pieces of fleece, and stitch it all together (make sure to stitch the towel to the fleece, otherwise it'll get all scrumpled up in the wash). The first few times you change their cage, see where's the wettest (on the under bedding). Then, just put pee pads there! It's great, because if you have a few, you can change them and flip them over every few days, so your piggies always have clean fleece. It's been a lifesaver for me. I have one under their water bottle, in their hidey, and in two corners where they pee a lot.

04-09-14, 10:55 am
Well the kitchen is going to be aspen, so I guess if I scoop the water bottle corner out regularly between full aspen changes it wont really be a problem.. And yeah, I have a couple pee pads already made, like under their hammock, since I figure thats a good spot to hide while piddling. I'll just get a large fiddle stick to use as a bridge into the kitchen then, I suppose, so they don't have to jump as much and it will still keep bedding in.. That'll be fine, right? As long as I replace them once the wood gets too mussy, naturally. Oh well, I thought I was being clever with the bricks. Thanks for the information though!

All a fiddle stick is is wood 'posts' with wire to make it bendable right? So if I got, say, appropriate apple tree branches, SO and I could make our own.. Then we could make sure it was good wood and avoid dyes or going to a pet chain or something..

04-09-14, 11:12 am
Yeah, fiddlesticks are bendy wooden bridges :) My girls adore theirs, Minnie likes to play a game where she tries to flip it upside down with her head lol If you get a plain wooden one and not one that's painted, like off Amazon or something, it should be perfectly safe :)

Just so you know, the shavings, once they get on the fleece...well, they aren't gonna come off. They stick to everything. I started out with shavings, and I've been on fleece and paper pellets for over three months, and I'm still finding damn shavings in my house! But they can be an excellent bedding when changed regularly.

04-09-14, 11:39 am
Cool cage! I have the same fleece, but in pink :).

04-09-14, 11:49 am
I have the same fleece in the pink and green :) Great job!

04-09-14, 12:02 pm
Love the cage you could definitely fit 2 males and possibly 3 females.

04-16-14, 07:18 pm
where did you get that wall sticker its adorable is it customized

04-20-14, 10:40 am
where did you get that wall sticker its adorable is it customizedThe decorations above the cage? Those are made with perler beads, I made them myself as thats one of my hobbies. I just slapped some packing tape over it in addition to attatching it to the wall via its back so those suckers will NOT be falling in the pen. The stuff on the coroplast hut is just some little home-made decorations from random fruit/veggie images I found round the web. The piggies don't chew, i've made sure everything is as flat as can be so its just a cute looking little detail.

04-20-14, 10:55 am

You could do four in there per the site. But if you notice problems would you be able to expand it out to 3? Remember more water bottles too. I only use 2 pellet bowls for my guys and their vegs go straight onto floor tiles I have in their cage.