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04-08-14, 02:47 pm
I'm having trouble trying to figure out a layout for my cage. It's a 2x3 and my top level is actually a 2x.5 since we decided to cut it in half. At the moment, I don't like how it's set up and neither does my piggie. I have the food on top but it seems she can't reach the top of the hay rack because of the low grid/ceiling. On the bottom of the top level is her bathroom but she keeps pooping by her food so I'm wondering do I put her bathroom near her food? Then the rest in play space and a hiding house too. I've looked at other peoples ideas but I can't get a grasp on finding the perfect cage plan. Can anyone help please?

04-08-14, 03:04 pm
Most of us have a 'kitchen'. Guinea pigs do tend to poop where they eat, so the food goes in the kitchen area which also becomes their main 'bathroom'.

A photo of the current set up would be helpful :)

04-08-14, 03:16 pm
Sorry about the towels I'm getting fleece this weekend.

04-08-14, 03:24 pm
You can't have just towels as your bedding, they absorb the urine so your pig will be lying and walking on wet bedding, it can result in urine scald and bumblefoot. I'd switch to a disposable bedding like pellets or carefresh until you have fleece :)

Well, if your pig likes the loft, and is happy to eat up there, I'd turn it in to a kitchen area. Use disposable bedding up there, keep all the food/water up there, and let her do her business up there mostly too.

04-08-14, 03:41 pm
Ok great so just line the whole thing with shavings? Thank you!

04-08-14, 04:14 pm
Do you have a shower curtain under your towels on the cardboard? If not, the pee will sink into the cardboard, and it will be really stinky.

04-08-14, 04:20 pm
Yeah, not on top of the towels though, you'll never get the shavings off them haha!