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04-04-14, 11:35 pm
Hello everyone! I have been reading this forum for educational and entertainment purposes for months now! Finally joined. I have 2 guinea pigs. Their names are Presley and Pirate! I am definitely a dog person, but fell in love with guinea pigs while working with them for vet tech school. So last June, after some research, I got my boys. Presley was adopted(estimated to be a year old at the time). Pirate I bought from Petco (apparently I didn't do enough research... Should have known better as my 3 dogs are adopted). Luckily, Pirate has been healthy and I'm very proud of how I transitioned my boars into brothers! However, I did make a lot of mistakes the first few months. I kept the boys in a large aquarium. Now they are in a midwest cage! Second, I bought cheap hay. But now I get my Timothy hay locally from the place I get my horses' hay. Third, I grossly underestimated their need for vegetables in their diet. I wasn't feeding nearly enough (they now get a cup each per day) and I was just giving them whatever I had in the house.

This is where I am seeking advice: bladder stones/sludge. I have not had any problems yet, but I want to do all I can to prevent these problems since boars are more prone to bladder stones and the nearest certified exotics vet is a 2 hour drive. And everything I read just makes me more confused! Calcium? Cranberry juice? Uff duh. My boys are eating oxbow right now, but I think I will switch them to KMS when they need food next... So does cranberry juice really work? And if so, what kind do you use? I also need a good basic grocery list for low calcium vegetables. Thanks for reading and thanks for the help!6350463505

04-04-14, 11:48 pm
I know romaine lettuce and parsley should be avoided if you are worried about too much calcium. Red and green leaf lettuce are both good substitutes for romaine. That's about all I know nutrition wise, but I just have to say your piggie with the half-black face (Pirate? with an eye patch?) is too cute!

04-05-14, 12:00 am
Thank you!

04-05-14, 12:07 am
Welcome to the forum! Your piggies are cute.

04-05-14, 08:09 am
Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you tried looking at the food chart. I feed my boars green and red leaf lettuce. bpatters has a low calcium diet but she only did that because she has a stone pig so she did it for medical reasons. She posted her diet once before so maybe look at her posts.

04-05-14, 08:19 am
Cranberry juice does NOT work. If you're seeing white spots where their urine has dried, you need to limit calcium in the diet. See http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/22156-READ-ME-Cavy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List for what you can feed and how often. Skip romaine and cilantro -- they're not high in calcium, but they cause some pigs to excrete a lot of urinary calcium.

If Pirate is less than six months old, don't limit calcium for him. Feed him the same timothy hay and pellets that you feed the other one, but take him out of the cage once a day for some parsley.

maddy harper
04-05-14, 09:03 am
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