View Full Version : C&C How many Piggies?

Rain Shadow
04-02-14, 10:24 pm
My cage is currently 3 by 4 and has a 1 by 2 loft that I'm adding tomorrow. So far Logan is my only Piggie but in a few months I'm going to get him a buddy. He's in quarantine from my rodents for now and of course his buddy would then have to go through quarantine.

But how many boars can my cage house? I see free Piggies on Craigslist a lot and I would love to give a few a home if my cage is large enough.

04-02-14, 10:45 pm
Yes a 3x4 is big enough I think for that 3 males could live comfortably. Look on the front page for cage requirements.

04-21-14, 06:53 pm
You could house up to 3 guinea pigs. If you hit main then you can see a chart!!!