View Full Version : URI/Upper Respiratory Infection is it URI?

04-01-14, 10:43 pm
I got my pigs from a couple that adopted from PETCO. They couldn't keep them anymore, and they planned to give them up to shelter. I took them instead of letting them go to shelter. They adopted them around 2-3 weeks ago. I only had them since Saturday evening. I noticed one of my pig have crusty left eye and her nose is wet. My other pig's nose is dry and no crusty eyes. I read some of forums, and I suspect it is URI. Since pet store usually sell sick animals. I wonder if is it possibly that my pig have URI. Should I take her to vet immediately along with my other pig or just send the sick one alone?

04-01-14, 10:49 pm
If they are living together and the vet confirms its a URI ask him if your other pig could have it. I've never been through this so maybe someone else can be more help.

04-02-14, 05:59 am
I always take both of mine so the sick one will have moral support, but only the one with the possible URI needs the vet visit.

04-02-14, 07:22 am
The couple was upset that they are sick; they called PETCO. PETCO agreed to cover the vet costs. So, the pigs are off to vet in an hour!

04-02-14, 07:33 am
Ugh. I hope they survive the Petco vet.

04-02-14, 07:44 am
No. I chose the vet not PETCO. I chose a cavy savvy vet.

04-02-14, 07:48 am
Great! That's good to know.

04-02-14, 09:00 am
No. I chose the vet not PETCO. I chose a cavy savvy vet.

Must be within their 15 days window since they are offering to pay the vet visit. I'd be curious to know if they pay for meds, xrays if taken, etc- or is it just the office fee.

04-02-14, 02:22 pm
My Lina have mild URI. My vet said it is a relief that I caught it in early stage. PETCO covered all vet's bill of exams for my two pigs and medication.