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04-01-14, 08:39 pm
Hello! It's nice to finally introduce myself. I'm audrey.e, as you know by now.

I had two lovely Boars, Ralph and Percy. I first purchased Ralph from Petsmart (I know, I know! I knew nothing at the time, will you ever forgive me?) and he was a happy healthy pig. He was very vocal and friendly, and I spent so much time with him, but I knew he needed a friend and rescued (yes, thank you) Percy as a baby. Ralph was overjoyed that there was another piggie in the house! They were the best of friends, in fact, they were inseparable. All was well.

And then.

Percy got a stuffy nose. You're probably thinking "yeah yeah, no biggie." Well, at the time, I was too. Then he had bad discharge coming out of his nose, and crusty eyes. The vet were of no help, they just suggested Vitamin C drops (which of course, dissolve in sunlight after a couple of hours. So stupid!) I was baffled. I was airing out my Aspen shavings before I put them in their cage (so the dust didn't make things worse), yet still, he just got worse and worse. And then one day, I took them outside. They were in a secure cage top, which was fastened to the ground. I had used it many times and completely trusted it. I watched them like a hawk, don't worry. And then I went inside to re-fill their water bottle.


I came back out, and the cage door was knocked open. Ralph was waiting for me, wheeking extremely loud, as If warning me that something was up. I calmed him down, gave him to my mom to hold and comfort, and then went to look for percy. My yard was fenced in, so there was no way he could have gotten out, but he did. I was outside for hours in my yard and all of the neighbor's yards, desperately searching for my poor baby. Then, after 3 hours of utter horror, it got dark, and I was forced to leave food outside and cry myself to sleep. That night it rained. You can imagine how I felt after losing my little boy only 2.5 years old. I can't live with myself because of what happened. I am a horrible horrible piggy owner, I know. I know this because I miss him. So. Much.

And then I got Chai and Chamomile, two little females with big hearts, although shy at first. Ralph passed the day before his neutering appointment, at 4.5 years old. I was a wreck. I mean, what kind of person puts a pig through loneliness, happiness, depression, loneliness, and then finally to a place where he can be happy- the Rainbow Bridge?

I seriously considered giving Chai and Cam to a good friend, partly because I hated myself, and partly because I was a terrible piggy owner, but I don't know what in me made me keep them. But I am so glad I did because they repaired my broken heart.

Please, learn from my mistake. Double check safety- better be safe than be like me.

PS- Cam and Chai are still with me :) They just turned 2! :) I have them on fleece because I'm too scared to use dusty shavings.

Sorry for the sad story, but I thought i'd share it, please don't hate me.


04-01-14, 08:44 pm
Welcome! Im Abby. :)
I don't hate you for sharing your story. I would have searched for ever too and probably cried for months. Also, Im just letting you know and Im not pointing out anything wrong that you did; but Percy probably had URI because rarely guinea pigs get allergies or a stuffy nose although, shavings can bother their noses but since you said he got worse and worse, it was probably URI in my opinion. Petstore pigs are often sick so it wasn't your fault, you didn't know he was sick when you got him.

04-01-14, 08:45 pm
Welcome to the forum, at least your learning from your mistakes. I am so happy you decided to join us. You'll find everything you'll ever need here. I am so sorry for your loss. We would love to see pigtures of your girls.

04-01-14, 08:46 pm
No one will hate you, you thought they were safe, it was an accident. And you must forgive yourself!
I'm sorry that you lost your boys, but happy that you adopted the little girls (very cute names!), I'm sure you love them very much and are a great piggy mom :)

04-01-14, 08:51 pm
You gave them the best possible life you could give them. You live and learn that's what life is all about. I just recently lost my pig of 5.5 years. And 3 years ago I lost my Bella so I know how it feels.

04-01-14, 08:53 pm
Thank you all, really. I will post some pictures of my girls soon! :)

04-01-14, 08:54 pm
Sounds good! I'd love to see pictures of them!

04-01-14, 09:12 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum.

04-01-14, 09:44 pm
63340Chamomile is on top, Chai has the cilantro. They're sisters! Can you tell?

04-01-14, 10:20 pm
They are pretty piggies, how do you tell them apart, they look the same to me.

04-02-14, 05:15 am
Chamomile's white stripe is right behind her ear, whereas Chai's is farther back. Also, Chai has a white underbelly. Plus, Cam is so friendly but Chai is laid back and still a bit timid. But my family still gets confused!!

04-02-14, 06:22 am
Welcome to the forum :) The story about Ralph and Percy is so sad, but it's obvious you only ever had good intentions with them. For future reference, never leave pigs unattended outisde, and anything new in the nose/eye area (being crusty, watery) is usually a URI.

Your girls are so pretty though! They're the same colours as my (RIP) gerbil Maxie was. I have two girls, and they're practically twins too, no one else can tell them apart other than me lol

04-02-14, 06:38 am
Hello, Audrey, and welcome! Sometimes positive things come out of tragedies. Sharing your story with others who keep their guinea pigs outdoors and being an advocate for housing them indoors will at least offer some reason for your loss. Your girls are adorable and have really cute names!