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Zombie Queen
03-31-14, 11:18 pm
OK, this past week has been super awesome for me in finds for the guinea piggies! Int he past week, I have gotten 5 yards of baby pink fleece for $5, Black & Decker hand vacuum (been used once) for $25 (retail $40), a Uhaul blanket, 2 suet bird feeder holder that I'll be using for holding hay ($3 each), and 3 six feet long folding tables for $10!! They are usually forty bucks!! I also got 3 bags of Oxbow Timothy hay and each bag was a dollar cheaper than the crappy Kaytee hay (Woot!). I am going to be ordering more Oxbow hay, because it is sooooo much better. The smell is so much nicer, and it looks better too. The suet holders I got from the feed store, they were on clearance...they are normally six dollars! I don't know if others have used them, but I thought they would be better for a hay rack or something...though I think I am going to have to use some wire cutters to make some of the holes bigger because the guinea pigs didn't seem to be able to get hay from it being too tightly packed. Anyone else use these?

I used the Uhaul blanket and fleece to make three panels big enough for my 2x6 for the girls, (Splinter will soon be fixed and when he's no longer o make , he'll be going in there too)! Sooooo much easier to clean! I made them no sew flipper like panels by using binder clips. Instead of coroplast inserts, I used cardboard and taped it all over so it can be wiped down.

In case you haven't noticed, I am a total thrifter, LOL.

I have attached a picture of the cage, but keep in mind, for some reason the girls like to pull all their hay out (I think the culprit is Dutches, because it's always her sitting underneath looking guilty, LOL) and then they pee on the hay and under their pigloo (lazy piggies, lol), so I placed their cuddle sacks underneath until I sew little pads to place underneath them (hopefully tomorrow so they can have their cuddle sacks back). I also took their upper level out for now, because I am in the process of packing. We are moving from AL to NY. I also have a fleece forest for the them and am about to make a corner hidey and when Splinter gets fixed, the cuddle tunnel and another basket hidey will be there...unless it's too crowded or something.

For travel, I am making two 1x1 cubes with a grid in the middle to put them in so they can be seat belted in while we drive. I know it's not big at all but it's the best option I have because I don't want to put them in the dark, shaky moving van and in the car I can monitor them better.

So, I am totally stoked with my finds, and I just wanted to share, LOL.