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03-31-14, 07:31 pm

I've been lurking in the forums for a bit to learn as much as I can about what's new with piggy ownership and care. I haven't been a guinea pig owner since way back in 2001. I decided it was time to be an owner again.

I got a pair of boars from Craig's List - a couple was re-homing them (who already owned other piggies - for some reason the wife was allergic to the new ones). I subsequently found out they had re-homed them from a mom with kids that couldn't take care of them anymore (also from a CL ad). Apparently their very small 1.5 ft x 2.5 ft cage was filthy when the couple picked them up. So, the boys went from that home, to the couples home, to mine in less than a week.

They lived in the small cage for just about a week, long enough for me to get the money and time together to build a 2 grid by 8 grid C&C, with fleece and Uhaul pads, etc.

They've been doing better and better as each week goes by. Here's Lenny and Squiggy!


03-31-14, 07:39 pm
Aww I'm so glad to hear it. Sounds like they definitely found a good home.

03-31-14, 08:03 pm
Welcome to the forum. Lenny and Squiggy are very handsome boys. I love their names. Is Lenny the tri-colored one?

03-31-14, 08:28 pm
Welcome to the forum! Your pigs are beautiful, and I'm glad you were able to get them out of that cramped environment!

03-31-14, 09:24 pm
They are very handsome boys! Welcome to the forum!

03-31-14, 09:33 pm
Thank you for the warm welcomes.

Yes I'm glad I got them when I did. I'd like to think they're living well now. They sure act like it. ��

Indeed Lenny is the tri color. His personality (and size) screamed Lenny to me. ��

04-04-14, 06:41 pm
And here's my newest guy (in quarantine right now)... ^_^


04-16-14, 05:25 pm
So my little guy in black is now named Buddy - quite the talker, he is!

And my newest guy, well, doesn't have a name yet. I just got him three days ago. He's approximately 7 weeks old. My first long hair...


04-16-14, 05:27 pm
Aww they are so cute love the names.

04-16-14, 05:31 pm
Aww they are so cute love the names.

Thanks! I have a feeling the new guy will have a name that ends in "Y" as well. Just a hunch. ;)

04-20-14, 12:28 am
Oh they are all so cute!! Congrats!! I am bad at naming small pets. Good luck.

04-20-14, 06:19 am
And here's my newest guy (in quarantine right now)... ^_^


He's gorgeous.

04-20-14, 01:54 pm
Your boys are adorable!

04-20-14, 04:22 pm
Thanks for the comments. My new guy is settling in really well. I still don't have a name. He kinda reminds me of a grumpy character so I may go that route. He's also black and white which reminds me of black metal bands so I may borrow a musicians stage name for him. :cool: