View Full Version : Peruvian Pigs! Help!

09-20-05, 05:29 pm
Hey everyone! I am looking for some help of where I could get two Peruvian guinea pigs in Manitoba, and about how much they would be here! Thanks alot!

09-20-05, 08:11 pm
I would suggest looking for ads in the newspaper for Pigs that need homes or a buy & sell site. Guinea Pigs don't seem very popular in Manitoba so it might take you awhile. I'm always online looking for pigs in Manitoba to adopt and I've never seen a Peruvian for adoption but that doesn't mean that there aren't any. Just please don't buy from a pet store, I know its tempting because there aren't a lot of pigs to adopt in the area but there are pigs out there that need homes it just takes awhile to find them. Good Luck!:)