View Full Version : Homemade piggy house - recycling

09-20-05, 04:19 pm
I made some piggy hidy houses out of the liquid laundry soap containers. I cut away the side with the handle all the way down through the bottom and back up again. Then I cut an upside down "u" shaped opening about the spout. Rinse it really good and you have your house. The stickers seemed to come off real easy to which makes for a nice looking house that is easy to clean.

Note: I used tin snips to cut this with. The plastic is really thick. Tin snips are what you use to cut large sheets of metal and are sold at the hardware store.

09-20-05, 04:21 pm
Here is a drawing.

09-20-05, 04:23 pm
Great idea! Your piggies will love it.

Percy's Mom
09-20-05, 07:26 pm
Good job recycling Angelwise!

09-20-05, 07:32 pm
Way cool! Great drawing. :D

10-10-05, 09:33 pm
I just found this thread. Angel gave me a couple when I got Oats and Finna from her. Lately though, they seem to love flipping them upside down and using them as toilets.