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03-30-14, 08:23 am

i posted a few days back about adopting a 3rd pig from our local shelter. We went to visit several times and she is so mellow and sweet that we brought her home. She is currently in quarantine and doing well. I think she is a little on the chunky side but was in a small cage at the shelter. Now that she is in a bigger cage she should get more exercise.

We renamed her Peace as she is so peaceful. They said she was about two years old. I weighed her today and she 1182 grams. Is that about normal?
She is a sweetie.....

03-30-14, 08:24 am
Aww she's so cute

03-30-14, 08:41 am
Awww, she's so cute, I want to hug her!

03-30-14, 09:10 am
She's such a sweetheart! Congrats on the new addition <3

Leanne 71
03-31-14, 11:35 am
She is a big beautiful girl. I love her bright eyes. Can't tell you about her size but as long as her diet is healthy and she gets her exercise I would not worry.

03-31-14, 11:46 am
Thanks so much for adopting. She is a gorgeous girl. You said you renamed her Peace I was just curious what her former name was? Did the shelter give you any information on her background?

03-31-14, 01:56 pm
Weight varies from pig to pig, what might be a healthy weight for one pig could be very unhealthy for another. My girls are around 10 months old and at todays weigh in where both around 960g, so for a two year old over 1kg seems perfectly healthy. So long as she doesn't feel underweight, I wouldn't do anything to her diet to make her gain, and I certainly wouldn't try to get her to lose any either. She's very cute too :)

03-31-14, 02:32 pm
Precious little girl! I would say her weight is fine.

03-31-14, 02:51 pm
Thanks everyone.... She is so sweet too. I can't wait till quarantine is over so I can introduce her to my other two. She is very lonely, I can tell:(. She is a good eater. I love her to pieces!!!!