View Full Version : If the pigs house is really huge for her

06-01-03, 12:41 pm
can i put like a toy in there or soemthing because it seems like a waste of space lol (there is only one pig and the house could fit like 3)

Briana D
06-02-03, 12:39 pm
How big in the cage? You should have a couple hidey houses for your pig. You might also want to look into adopting another guinea pig. Guinea pigs are social creatures and do much better in pairs/herds.

Also I don't think there is too huge of a cage for pigs.

06-03-03, 01:09 pm
ty, I wanna get another guinea pig (so does my mom lol) first I'm gonna get a bigger cage (well make :rolleyes: ) but the fence stuff isn't in costco yet (early next week :D ) then I'm going to get another guinea pig (from a mom and pop pet store, they only take in 5 guinea pigs at a time and play with them right away and it costs less lol) but, lol, I appreciated your answer, but by house i meant the pigloo. Its so huge my guinea pig has absolutly NO trouble getting in (shes still young but not tiny) ty again:D

Briana D
06-04-03, 08:18 am
You could always check Target for the grids, or at least I think you're referring to grids as "fence stuff". Sorry to hear that you are buying a pig when so many have been dumped and are in need of homes. Also be sure to quarantine your new pig for 3 weeks.

06-21-03, 02:54 pm
The closest shelter would never ever let me take in a guinea pig anyways. The centre isn't government funded anymore because of there horrible ways/rules. They would never let me take a GP because I own a dog and 3 cats even thought they aren't allowed upstairs where my piggies are. I did look but it would have never worked for me.