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03-28-14, 10:26 am
So I have posted a few things on here but finally gotaround to introducing myself. Two weeks ago I walked into a pet store notreally wanting to get any GP yet (my son is acting out in school) but I sawJessie and fell in love right away. So she ended up coming home with me thatday. I didnít have a cage for her until the following day when my uncle gave ushis store bought cage that he had. So that night she chilled in my fish tankfor a night. (I know now not a good idea best I had at that point). So once shewas home she didnít do anything wouldnít make noises or well really move. Ifelt so bad about taking her away from her sister so after I got the cage frommy Uncle I went back and got her sister Lola. Soon as they were together againJessie stated talking and running around with Lola on her tail. Then I foundthis forum and fought out that the store bought cage is too small. I went out a few days later and bought allthe stuff to make a C&C 2X4. Now they do laps and popcorn all day.
One thing is that when i want to pick them up they run around and i gotta chase them. Is that normal? Once I get them and they sit in my lap they act fine making all kind of nosies.
Iím still learning about piggies so Iím open to any suggestions.

They get unlimited timothy hay, a cup of fruits/ veggiesdaily and pellets. :love:

03-28-14, 10:36 am
Guinea pigs are prey animals, so when you go to pick them up, all they see is big scary things coming toward them. It's normal for guinea pigs to run away, but don't chase them with your hands for too long because it can stress them out and just reinforce the fact that your hands are scary. Some pigs will never sit still to get picked up, even if they're comfortable sitting with you once they're out the cage.

03-28-14, 11:00 am
Also, because pet stores are stupid and missex their pigs, could you double check on the genders?

03-28-14, 11:09 am
I did. They both have the same. That was the first thing I did, dont need little ones running around right now. I didnt got go petsmart or any plave like that this was localy owned store. I wish I knew before a got them about recuse places, but im happy I got them out of the fish tank they where living in.

03-28-14, 11:17 am
Yes they are prey animals so that is normal. Im so glad you were lucky to get both girls. My first pig we thought was a girl. So for 5.5 years we called her she. Then she got a bladder stone that needed surgery. Come to find out she was a he. Dont worry your not the first guinea pig owner to get their pigs from a pet store. Star came from super pet. Now that he's gone I adopted 2 boys from my humane society.

Thank you for joining us.

03-28-14, 01:21 pm
Piggies don't like to be picked up but once they are most are okay with being held, as long as they feel secure. There are some threads on the forum about using boxes or cuddle sacks to pick them up in. My piggie is trained to go into his cuddle sack so I can pick him up in it and he won't get stressed.

03-28-14, 04:41 pm
My girls hate the cuddle sacks! Made them one and never went near it. They also hate pillows. weird. They only like stool I covered, fleece forest and a tunnel I made with extra grids and covered. Guess I just got picky little girls.

03-28-14, 10:46 pm
You may have to make the cuddle sacks smell like them for them to accept them. Try rubbing some of their dirty cage bedding all over them and put some of their poop into the cuddle sack (gross, I know). Have you tried a box? Maybe you could pick them up in a box?

03-29-14, 10:06 am
I will have to try a box next time. With the cuddle sack after I made it I put the in it when doing lap time but after that they never went near it again.

03-29-14, 10:15 am
Ima just, pop into this convo :P
Someone made whats called a 'piggy elevator'. Basically, its a box, which isn't all the way sealed shut, the top opens, but the bottom is sealed shut. Theres a doorway cut into the bottom side, so that the pigs can walk into it. (I would put fleece in it, and maybe some veggies for bribery ;) Because bribery always works)
When the 'victim' walks in, you simply close the side door, and pick them up. I still want to try this ;)