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03-24-14, 03:01 am
Hey everyone my husband and I recently got two male guinea pigs their names are Gus and Nitro we researched quite abit before we got them also ive read so much here so knew what to feed and look out for and I also had a piggy when I was younger (but my mum did all the hard stuff) its just even though reading about other peoples questions and answers im still worried one of them is sick. I hear sneezing every so often maybe once or twice every 2 or 3 days (I did just change their bedding from pine to aspin)and also one of their urine is milky should I be worried they had a vet check two days before I got them oh and they are only 4 months old :) sorry I cant help but worry :)

03-24-14, 06:45 am
The milky urine could mean he is getting too much calcium. What are you feeding them? Also are you sure that it is sneezing, or is it coughing? one of my pigs eats too fast, and will sometimes cough from his food going down the wrong pipe. Did he only start sneezing after you switched to aspen? Also you will want to make sure of their genders (especially if you got them from a pet store) so that you don't end up with a pregnant piggy. http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm is a good page to look at. Welcome to the forum! :)

03-24-14, 07:41 am
Guinea pig urine is normally slightly milky. But very milky can indicate too much calcium. We don't usually worry too much about in young pigs, but after six months of age, it's time to regulate the calcium in their diets. And it's possible to overdo the calcium even for young pigs.

What exactly are you feeding them now? What kind of hay? What kind of pellets and how many? What kind of veggies and how much of each kind?

03-24-14, 10:28 am
Where did you get them, pet stores are notorious for selling sick pets.

The milky urine just means they are getting to much calcium. I would suggest cutting back on the really high stuff. Knowing what you are feeding them would help.

I wouldn't worry to much about the sneezing. Unless the sneezes increase. My first piggie would get sneezing spells and then they would stop. And he wasn't sick and lived till he was 5. He died from a bladder stone about a week and a half ago.

03-24-14, 08:04 pm
Adorable piggies! I wouldn't worry too much about the sneezing if it's only once or twice every 2-3 days. If they start to sneeze more often or start having eye/nose discharge, then it's time to get them to a vet. Watch for a decrease in energy/appetite as well as soft stools.

My piggies have milky urine, too. From what I've been told, milky is ok as long as it isn't gritty when it dries. Powdery, ok. Gritty, bad.
This link helped: http://www.guinealynx.info/normal.html#urine

Welcome to the forum! :D

03-24-14, 08:30 pm
One way to tell if they are sick is to weigh them regularly. Piggies losing weight is usually a sign of illness. They are both very cute!

03-24-14, 09:52 pm
Hi, thank you so much for all your replies.
My boys have two pellet bowls which I put 1/8 of a cup in each I give them fresh water daily and ive been weighing them weekly and they have been putting on weight :) I also give them fresh hay daily I put some in their cage as I believe the also like to burrow and I also have a hay holder attached which I only half full as they never eat all of it at the moment I have them on vege 2 times a day morning and night I feed them red and greeen capsicum, romaine lettuce, carrots, spinach, silver beet, and the red "fancy lettuce" (this I mix with the spinach) I rotate them daily to try and give them variety also as the weather has been warm every sunday my boys get a small bit of apple or cucumber as a treat in the middle of the day.
Also I think its worth mentioning I live in New Zealand and the pet store I got them from works closely with the spca their mum was rescued when she was pregnant and they were all monitored and had health checks before I was able to adopt them and yes they are definitely boys I asked the vet which works at the pet store to check :)

03-24-14, 10:21 pm
Carrots should be fed 1-2 times a week. I would cut back the silver beet, spinach, and romaine. Romaine sometimes causes calcium problems in pigs. You could switch to red or green leaf lettuce. Sometimes pellets or water are the source too. Check out this for what to feed and what not to feed, and how much. http://www.guineapigcages.com/food/V...uit-Charts.pdf

03-25-14, 07:31 am
kass.mb, don't feed them much spinach. It's way too high in both calcium and oxalates to be fed very often.

03-25-14, 07:38 am
Also you should limit the amount of romaine lettuce. I think is okay but not to much.

03-31-14, 10:34 pm
Hi all thanks for the advice I went to my local asian grocerie and found kale ive limited carrots and spinach to once a week and romain twice and found dark leafy greens to swap out with just introduced them to Kale which they love and grass from our yard when we take them for outside adventures :) dont worry grass has never been sprayed or any kind of chemical :)

03-31-14, 10:51 pm
Kale is not a good green vegetable to feed daily. It's way too high in calcium and oxalates to be a regular food. See this link for what you can feed and how often: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/22156-READ-ME-Cavy-Nutrition-Charts-amp-Poisonous-Plants-List

03-31-14, 10:54 pm
Thanks for that sorry I didnt mean I feed them it daily I purely ment I just introdyced it to them today but I did find dark leafy greens for them at the sane grocery :)

03-31-14, 11:02 pm
Wow that link is amazing can't believe I had missed it thanks answered all my questions :D