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Zombie Queen
03-23-14, 11:27 am
I have someone close by that's giving away Pine and Oak wood shavings. He's a contractor or something that had so much of it, instead of burning it he thought of giving it away and I thought maybe these would be OK for the litter box? They are not kiln dried but is either of these OK?

03-23-14, 11:40 am
I'm not sure about the oak shavings (I've never heard of using them with animals), but unless the pine is kiln-dried, it's basically no good, in my opinion. Kiln-drying supposedly removes the harmful things in it, and since pine is a softwood, it contains harmful aromatic oils that can damage a guinea pig's respiratory system.

03-23-14, 12:28 pm
Ditto above. The pine needs to be kiln dried, the scent can be harmful to their respiratory systems. It's why if you buy wood pellets they also need to be kiln dried if they're softwood.

I'm unsure about the oak, I imagine if it's a hardwood it could potentially be suitable though. Word of warning, even in a litterbox/kitchen, shavings will go EVERYWHERE and they do not come off fleece easy! Trust me, I lined my litterbox with shavings at first, it took hours to get all the shavings off.

03-23-14, 01:15 pm
Since he's a contractor, I'd think the wood would be kiln dried. Most woods used in constructions are dried before using.

Not sure about the chemicals that would be in the wood though. Might not be safe for the pigs.

03-23-14, 02:16 pm
I wouldn't risk it just because you aren't sure of the specifics

Zombie Queen
03-23-14, 10:10 pm
I contacted him and he said it's Pine and Oak mixed. It's been heat treated but not chemically treated...

maddy harper
04-05-14, 06:24 am
you shouldn't use pine shavings for your pigs. As the oil in the wood effects piggys breathing