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03-19-14, 07:21 am
Unfortunately this day I do not have the funds to get my pigs to the vet. I'm currently waiting on a response on a vet clinic that could help, but in the mean time I decided to ask for opinions. It all started with one pig, Twinkie. She had developed a swollen dark maroon, and crusty eye that she would paw at. I had spoken to someone whom has had guinea pigs for 12 years, and he advised to keep cleaning around the eye, make a saline solution, and cut a vitamin a gel capsule and put it into the pigs eye. He believed that she may have just injured it. I did just that, and this being the third day there is no change. Today when I woke I noticed one of the other pigs eye's is just the same, and it's only one eye. So I did a round and checked all four, and it shows that 3 out of four are getting this eye issue. Now I'm assuming that this is an infection, not an injury, but I'm not sure. I'm looking for any sort of advice, on what to do. I'm flat broke until the Friday after next, and I do not want my pigs to have to suffer. Any help is appreciated.

03-19-14, 07:25 am
I have no idea what a maroon is.

You pigs have an infection, and they need an antibiotic. They're not available over the counter, you'll have to see a vet. Please do not put vitamin capsules in their eyes -- that's not only useless, but could be potentially harmful.

It's unfair to the pigs to have them and not be able to get medical care for them. Most people put aside money for a vet fund. Because guinea pigs are exotic pets, they're usually more expensive to treat. In this case, you might be able to take one in and have the vet prescribe medication for all of them.

03-19-14, 07:31 am
I know it's unfair, I do not feel the need for negativity at a stressful time. Things come up and I can not help to not have funds.

03-19-14, 07:38 am
Ask you vet if they can set up a payment plan for you. I'm sure they've had others come in who didn't have funds at that moment. Eye injuries/infections are painful so she really needs vet care. Even if you have to borrow the money, it's urgent you get care for her. Waiting can result in permanent injury or loss of the eye and you don't want to treat it yourself without knowing what caused it. I never put off having eye issues treated. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

03-19-14, 07:41 am
@bpatters (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=13820) I think the user means the eyes have gone a maroon (dark red) colour.
@Piggieluv7 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=31295) bpatters is only telling you this because things do come up yes, which is why you need to put money away for things like this. Call around the exotics in your area and ask if you can work out a payment plan and pay them back in instalments because this should be treated ASAP.

ETA: Haha, pinky beat me to it. You can also contact local shelters (that regularly deal with guinea pigs) and ask them if they have an on-sight vet, or if they can recommend a lower cost vet.

03-19-14, 07:45 am
Thank you all. I'm working on borrowing money as we speak. Will update later

03-19-14, 08:51 am
App is scheduled, money secured. I apologize for getting defensive bpatters . I was stressed to the max and I want the best for my pigs. Lesson learned. We have decided to put back emergency pig money in our safe.

03-19-14, 08:53 am
That's brilliant, I'm glad they'll be getting seen. When's the appointment?
You're definitely doing the smart thing putting vet money away, I don't know how I'd cope if I didn't have a little bit saved here and there for emergencies!

03-19-14, 09:10 am
No problem, Piggieluv7. I didn't mean to be offensive. We just see a lot of people on the forum who refuse to take their pigs to a vet, but we shouldn't assume that everyone is like that.

One other thing to keep in mind... Most eye problems need a vet visit. So if you can take them in when the first sign of something appears, you can possibly stave off something like this spreading to your herd. About the only eye problems that are treatable without a vet are VERY VERY gently massaging below the eye when there's a blocked tear duct, and pulling a piece of hay out of the eye. But even then, if it penetrates the eyeball, the pig needs antibiotic drops that are only available from the vet.

03-21-14, 06:51 pm
Sorry I nearly forgot to update! We took the piggies to the vet the other day, she stated that they had vitamin c deficiency. I needed to up their intake of bell peppers, greens, etc. Which they already were getting daily, but apparently I just needed to give them more. The vet said that the vitamin a gel in the eyes helped keep the eye from itching and kept it lubricated. Twinkie is completely healed just from having vitamin a put in her eye, and Zero is working on getting there, with a script of eye ointment to reduce itching and swelling, to be put on three x a day. We also changed food brands as well to help out. THe two younger pigs are perfectly fine, as we made appropriate changes before it could affect them. Thanks for all the help!

03-21-14, 07:46 pm
Glad they're doing better! Good work on getting money secured quickly :)

03-21-14, 08:36 pm
That's good news!