View Full Version : Finally building the cage

09-18-05, 01:14 pm
I'm finally building my cage and I'm so happy... We have to wait until Monday to get the coroplast though unfortunately but at least I can make the wire part. It's so much bigger than I thought it would be and I actually don't know where I'm going to put it.... :confused:

09-18-05, 01:23 pm
*goes into song*.... congratulations and celebrations.....that is wicked that you are making a c&c cage for your(how many piggies?)? When I was told my mum a few months a go that I could build a 3x5 c&c cage in the winter, I went absouloutly crazy, I was so excited, post some pics when it is done??!!

09-18-05, 01:28 pm
lol I only have my one. Sadly her sister passed on a few months ago. We're having a couple techinical problems unfortunately though, such as the fact that we have no cable ties to use for hinges and I'm worried it might end up being pretty heavy but I know it's so much better for Baby than her current one. I know she'll love it.

09-18-05, 01:46 pm
wicked, cant wait to see the pics!

09-18-05, 01:46 pm
Thanks, me neither actually *laughs* Unfortunately I think I'll only be able to have it finished by kind of late tomorrow.

09-18-05, 05:52 pm
My dad is being snotty about where we're going to put it and it's really getting me down. He acts like she doesn't need that much space but then again, does he really care whether or not she lived in a shoe box? It's so aggrivating, I'm just trying to do what's best for Baby yet every time I fall down and then get up something comes and knocks me down again.

09-18-05, 06:23 pm
Have you tried showing your dad this site and showing him the cavycages.com homepage where it states they need a large environment?

09-18-05, 06:36 pm
The same thing happened to me before i built my cage. I just kept explaining that you can live in a closet your whole life, but you wouldn't like it. Eventually, they got the picture.

09-18-05, 06:44 pm
Yeah, I've explained to him and my mom and she seems to think it's a great idea but he still acts like she's just an animal and I'm spoiling her. But he does the same thing with our dog and cat so it's almost as if since she just a guinea pig she doesn't count. I'm also worried my parents are thinking of housing her outside in her cage, but they promised she'd always stay indoors after my other pig died. Unknowingly I'd housed both of them outside then and I don't want her to have to deal with the sweltering heat we face in Florida or the humidity.

09-19-05, 02:21 pm
My hubby thought I was nuts when I told him that my guinea pig needed more room.I have him in the top part of a giant dog crate.It has open metal on the sides and the top is open too.I zip tied the metal door on and have his water bottle hanging from it.It is 25x39 on the inside.I showed him this site and what I wanted to do and he changed his mind and has been a lot of help.I plan on building a 2x4 C&C.I have to build two cages now though because I have a 5week old female now and my 1yr. old male isn't neutered.(I keep her seperate from him)That will take up alot of room...I don't want to have any accidents though.Good Luck!:)

09-19-05, 03:29 pm
Well, it looks like they may be letting me make the cage, just downsize it a little to a 2x3. It was going to be a 2x4, but since I only have the one piggy she would do great in a 2x3. Anything is better than what she's in now.

Also, she would have a big, big cage outside so that when weather is nice, or when guests are over (her cage is in the guest room) she can live out there, and for outdoor time we can pop the top off the cage and stick it on the grass (non-treated) and she can have some fun grazing and running around.

09-21-05, 11:39 am
It's almost done! I've constructed the top and everything is working right but unfortunately the 5 stores we called only provided 1x2 ft sheets of coroplast so they have to special order a sheet. It's going to be black and the grids are white because my only choices for colors were white, black, and yellow. I originally wanted green but black will have to do.