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03-13-14, 09:06 pm
Hello, I am the mom of a new guinea pig owner. We purchased Ms. Reece's in December and was told she was 2 months. We purchased just one guinea pig because I didn't want to overwhelm my daughter with 2 pets. By the end of January we noticed that she was quickly gaining weight and around that time we had been looking into getting another guinea pig friend for Reece's (thank goodness we never purchased another guinea pig). I found this site and found myself reading over the pregnant pig post. My daughter started feeling the baby's kick and we accepted that our Reece's was with children. She had them at the end of February and had 4 babies. I have learned a lot so far from this site and appreciate a lot of the post and comments on this site.

03-13-14, 09:19 pm
Hello, welcome to the forum!

03-14-14, 04:41 am
Hello and welcome! :)

03-14-14, 09:33 am
Welcome to the forum from me and my little zoo of 5 furry babies ;)
I'm glad you found your way here and were able to get the info you needed.
now how about some pigtures of the babies and momma Ms Reece's???? :D