View Full Version : Conditions Mushy poops, some in small pieces

03-12-14, 09:37 pm
The stopping veggies doesn't help much. She's eating fine. All her poops are formed albeit sometimes a little long, or small round pieces. It can smear on the fleece and if she steps on it, it's flattened. It'll stick to the igloo if contacted some.

Vet is next Wed (had a friend die so busy with funeral). bpatters should I ask for flagyl if vet doesn't offer it? I really think she needs something.


03-12-14, 10:59 pm
What is her current batch of hay like? Ferb was having a similar issue and his Timothy hay batch was all soft leaves. Once I mixed some rougher hay from a different batch in that has more stems and seed heads in it things improved a lot.

03-13-14, 08:28 am
Artista, I have no idea what you're talking about. Please don't start new threads on a pig with a problem that already has a thread. I'm closing this one. Please go back and update the thread with the pig's previous information. Thanks.