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Zombie Queen
03-11-14, 09:36 am
I wasn't sure where to out this thread, so please, feel free to move it if you like!

I was just wonedering if anyone here reads the Guinea Pig Magazine? It's based int he UK...honestly, I don't know where I heard about it but I bought my first issue today online! So far I like it...not bad priced, especially for such a specific subject.

Anyone else read it? I think I want to get the back issues.

03-11-14, 10:48 am
I do have a subscription to Guinea Pig Magazine. I love the magazine. I had received some money for a birthday gift and I went ahead and ordered it through the mail. My mailman even commented on the mailing label from the UK. I keep all my issues in plastic binders. It was very pricey but like you said it's so specific for Guinea Pigs. I really wish they had a US based magazine for just GP's. I buy the magazine Critters USA, and although it's a fun magazine to read, it's about all the little exotics. Since I only have Guinea Pigs and Rats that's really all I am interested in reading about.

When it's time to renew I'm not sure if I will just do the online issues. But probably not since I really enjoy keeping all the issues.

Zombie Queen
03-11-14, 12:19 pm
See I ordered the e version myself but so far, I think you can only read it online. I wonder if I can read it on my Kindle HD? Do you know?

Have you read issue 19 yet? The latest one? That's the one I got and read the success story.....so so sad.

03-11-14, 02:01 pm
I just received the latest issue on Saturday. I haven't opened it yet. I'm not sure about getting it on a Kindle. Did you happen to get Issue 16 which had the story of Sweetie? He is a male Sheltie from Australia that is, as near as they can tell,16 years old. I don't agree with some of the stories or the ways that many of the Guinea pigs are housed in the UK. I also don't like the breeder stories but I have to realize that things are different in other countries. The magazine is very informative regarding health issues. I just take the articles that are relevent to me and try not to be judgmental on the breeders.