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03-10-14, 04:30 am
Hey everyoneI have recently taken two little smooth coat girls in as rescues. They came in both having a Mite issue. They were bathed, nails clipped and had a vet visit. Both are now on treatment for the Mite investation and are very far away from my pets and other rescues.They are getting weekly treatment, and I know I need to scrub the toys, bowls and houses daily to get rid of the Mites. BUT, my question is this: HOW do I get rid of the Mites on their fleece? What do I wash the fleece with daily to ensure the Mites on the fleece die?Any help would be great (Bare in mind that one of them is only 5 weeks old so I need something very safe for babies)?

03-10-14, 05:43 am
Pups under 350g need vet treatment for mites, the pour on kind isn't suitable for their age. The mites need a live host so will not be living in the fleece, but it should be washed with detergent and vinegar to be on the safe side.

03-10-14, 10:01 am
They are being very treated.... I've read though that mites and their eggs can lay dormant for up to the weeks??? I just don't want to have to keep treating and retreating them.

03-10-14, 10:02 am
Vet not very...sorry

03-10-14, 10:06 am
3 weeks...not the

03-12-14, 07:11 pm
If you are treating the pigs, you don't need to treat the environment. If you are worried, a good wash in hot water should do the trick. What are you using to treat the pigs?

03-13-14, 02:48 am
The big girl I have dipped and we are doing revolution for 3 weeks as per my vet. her babies got injections from my exotics vet as he says Rev isn't good for them?

03-13-14, 02:51 am
Just to clarify, the mommy had one baby with her, the other baby was dumped off 2 days later from a different family in the same condition. Also around 5 weeks old I suspect.

03-16-14, 11:00 am
The big girl I have dipped and we are doing revolution for 3 weeks as per my vet. her babies got injections from my exotics vet as he says Rev isn't good for them?

Dipped? In what? Dips are not good for guinea pigs. Revolution only needs to be given once usually, sometimes in severe cases again two weeks after the first treatment. Are you sure you didn't mean Ivermectin injections?

03-16-14, 11:09 am
The dip is called Ecodex...Seems to have worked quite well. Vet says to do 3 treatments of rev 2 weeks apart just to make sure. All seems to be going fine, I just don't want a "re-infection" because of mites on their fleece.

03-16-14, 11:14 am
Ecodex the decking finish? The stuff you put on decks to keep them from mildewing?

03-16-14, 11:24 am
No, in South Africa we have a small animal dip for parasites called Ecodex. ..

03-16-14, 11:42 am
I think it's called Ectodex. It's active ingredient is amitraz, and here's what the producer says about the side effects:

Symptoms can include low blood pressure and pulse, hypothermia, lethargy, absence of appetite, vomiting, increased blood sugar and digestive problems.

I certainly wouldn't dip my guinea pig in anything. They groom themselves, thoroughly, and they're going to ingest anything they're dipped in. Ivermectin works perfectly well to get rid of mites. And besides, washing fleece in strong detergent and bleach will take care of mites. Mites need a living host, and they burrow into the skin of any animal they're on, so they're not likely to be found on fleece anyway.

03-16-14, 12:50 pm
Ok thanks for the great advice! ;-)