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03-06-14, 11:17 am
Hello everyone! I'm new here and come from the UK :D I have two guinea pigs, a male and a female, but they are fixed. I brought a male Self Red from the RSPCA with a American Crested. Both were already named, the Self was called Josh and the Crested, Jimbo. Sadly after a few months, Jimbo died, so we got a Red-Eyed Dutch called Sky, who I named. Then, I didn't know a lot about guinea pigs, or at least not as much as I do now, but now they are in a C&C cage with fleece bedding! They are greedy and love their cozies and veg, but are really cheeky and burrow under the fleece at the first chance they get lol Sky is really sloppy and will always give you piggy kisses :love: Sorry for the long post, Bye!