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02-28-14, 12:38 am
So I've ended up switching from guineapigs to rats for a bit. I will eventually get more guineapigs but I'm happy with the ratties at the moment! I modified my guineapig hutch into a rat safe place. So these are my fantastic girls. I'm hoping to buy myself a male in the next couple of months for my other cage. Just for the experience of both genders. But anyway here are my beautiful girls :)
http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u275/Frustrated_album/DSC07407.jpg (http://s170.photobucket.com/user/Frustrated_album/media/DSC07407.jpg.html)
That is Arya, she is my smallest rat. She is friendly, but a little shy. She will try and nip your fingers for food but is still a lovely rat.

http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u275/Frustrated_album/DSC07406.jpg (http://s170.photobucket.com/user/Frustrated_album/media/DSC07406.jpg.html)
This is Lara, one of the bigger girls and she is my most hyper active rats. She is very exhausting and hard to keep up with but by god I love her.
http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u275/Frustrated_album/DSC07399.jpg (http://s170.photobucket.com/user/Frustrated_album/media/DSC07399.jpg.html)
This is river. She is my oldest and is the breed 'rex' which means shes got a more course/fluffier fur. She is a very calm relaxed stunning rat.
http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u275/Frustrated_album/DSC07398.jpg (http://s170.photobucket.com/user/Frustrated_album/media/DSC07398.jpg.html)
(River poking tongue out)
http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u275/Frustrated_album/DSC07393.jpg (http://s170.photobucket.com/user/Frustrated_album/media/DSC07393.jpg.html)
This is Heart. Heart got her name from having a small white Heart marking on her belly. Shes one of the calmer girls but just as beautiful.
http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u275/Frustrated_album/DSC07387.jpg (http://s170.photobucket.com/user/Frustrated_album/media/DSC07387.jpg.html)
Myra. This is my absolute best friend. I love her so much. She isn't super hyper active like Lara, but she isn't calm like River. She gives me cuddles and kisses everyday.

02-28-14, 01:24 am
I have cared for rats for the last seven years. Five in total at different times, all boys. They're awesome creatures. When Reginald crossed the bridge in December, I decided to take a break and try piggies again.
Your girls are beautiful! They are lucky to have you. :-)

02-28-14, 01:34 am
They look like so much fun, Ive never tried rats, and im sure my parents wouldn't let me either, but, I would love to try one day :D

02-28-14, 03:49 am
They are a fantastic animal. My parents refused flat out for me to have rats....so I kinda just brought two home in a cage and pretended that my ex was going to drown them (he was that type of guy) and I said I'd take em, so I took them home, said theyd only be there a couple days....They never left until I left home haha! And even then my mum looked after the rats for a few weeks while I worked out the moving and she admits she got very attatched to them. They are a fantastic animal, I'm hoping to try showing next month for a bit of fun.

02-28-14, 12:03 pm
I was an adult living 900 miles from home when I got Schmuckers so my parents couldn't do much!
My sister and her husband had a pet snake (bleeeech). We were all at her house for thanksgiving one year and she tells me she has to show me something. She takes me into the study and there's this little rat sitting in the snake cage on TOP of the snake. I start flipping out because I think she wants me to watch the snake eat the rat and she knows I hate snakes and can't handle watching animals did, even though I'm not a huge fan of rats - she had a pet mouse when we were kids that I refused to touch because I said its tail was gross.

She says, "no, the rat has been in there for two months. The snake won't eat him. He sleeps on the snake. I've been feeding it cat food so it doesn't starve." At this point my sisters husband chimes in with "I'm about to kill the thing myself and throw it in the trash. Or just let it go outside."

WHAT!! You can't do that!! "Well if you don't want it to die, you take it."

So I did. I left Thanksgiving with leftovers and a pet rat. I named him Schmuckers because he was a seriously lucky schmuck! I wouldn't touch his tail for the first two months I had him but eventually I got over that and totally fell in love with him.

I had him for three years. When he passed, I got Sammy and Malcolm. And then after I lost Malcolm, Reginald and Rupert.


Rupert and Sammy

02-28-14, 12:12 pm
xTayzxYour rat girls are cuties! I had a rat in college named Tanasha. I used to let her be free range in the living/dining/kitchen area when I was home, she would sit on my shoulder and watch TV.She was a great pet, I cried for days when she got cancer and had to be pts.

03-01-14, 05:04 pm
Your girls are absolutely beautiful. I've been owned by rats for years. They are such joyful little characters. It's so much fun to watch them interact with each other. My three girls live in the Critter Nation and they have so much fun chasing each other up and down the ladders. My little instigator is name Snowy. She should be named Snoopy because she has to be in on everything. If the other two are playing by themselves Snowy has to get in the middle and get something going. So many times she will be in a deep sleep and hear her sisters playing and she instantly wakes up and runs to join them. She jumps into the middle and then both her sisters just walk away. Snowy is left standing there by herself wondering where everyone went. It's funny and yet sort of sad at the same time.

I've had so many wonderful rats over the years. My two all time favorites were Sabrina and Ginger. Even though I lost them years ago, I can still feel the tears starting when I think of both of them.

Thanks for sharing your pictures and enjoy those beautiful girls.

03-01-14, 08:34 pm
Oh your rats are gorgeous! So cute and pretty colours. I have a female rat named Pumpkin who is three and a half years old! She is blind but it does not affect her at all. She was orphaned at around 1 week old so I hand raised her. Now she is old she gets spoilt with a big feast of veggies every day, these rats treats which she really loves as well as her fave everyday food. I do love her, she is a smoocher who LOVES a pat and will literally lay for like an hour while you give her a scratch! I'll see if I can find a photo..........oh and yes she is actually a wild rat!

03-01-14, 09:51 pm
veggiegirl, Pumpkin is a beauty. I had a friend whose husband found two orphaned rats in the bushes while he was mowing. Their Mom never came back so I assume something happened to her. They raised both of the boys just like domestic rats and they were the sweetest things. You would have never known that they had been born wild. Both of the boys lived to be almost five years of age.

03-02-14, 07:28 pm
Thank you Kelsie :) so many people freak when I say I have a wild rat but they are fine with 'pet rats', they do not seem to be able to accept that all domestic rats are direct descendants of their wild cousins! Your friends husband sounds like he has a good heart, so glad to hear they raised them successfully and wow 5 years that is one thing I must say which is really great about owning a wild rat, they do not have all the inbreeding that pet/laboratory rats and mice have had so I do not think they are as prone to those horrible tumors. I would be so happy if Pumpkin makes it to 5!