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02-27-14, 06:00 am
Well I'm trista I have me three new piggies two boys rick who is a month old and Darryl who is about one and a half and one girl Maggie who is ricks sister the siblings are Abby's and Darryl I'm not sure once they get more use to me I'll post pics seeing I got the all in a week Darryl we bought from I guess is a breeder found on Facebook and the sibling from a couple who didn't want them for free so I have never had ones before but I have had many animals and I love them already I have done tons of research but any and all advice is welcome to this newbie oh and they have hay and lots of food water and seem to be in perfect health

02-27-14, 07:00 am
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Just as a quick tip, the forum is very anti-breeder, so you'd be best not advertising the fact your pig is from a breeder/advocating breeder purchases.

I assume Maggie is living alone and not with the boys?
We'd all love to see pictures when you get a chance!

Talking Cavy
02-27-14, 07:01 am
Welcome! You will find great advice on here!

02-27-14, 07:45 am
Yea I'm sorry bout that im not sure if was a breeder or not really maybe she just had lot of piggies I just said it wrong was half slept I'm not one for breeders of any animal again I apologize for my wrong wording and yes she's all alone right now hopely well get her a friend soon idk when though but they all are apart right now I'm introduce the males in a couple of weeks and put them together she'll be in the the housing next to them but not a with them no babies for Maggie once I can get the males fixed I'm put them all together but not till them

02-27-14, 07:48 am
And thank you for welcoming me I am a happy New Guinea pig owner

02-27-14, 11:20 pm
Hi and Welcome! Just be aware that males will be very determined to get to a female (even their sister) and mate so please make sure they can't get out, it usually takes a lid to keep them from getting to a female.

02-27-14, 11:23 pm
Oh we have it setup well and plan on making it bigger and better do u happen to know how much it is to have the males fixed in a general amount thank you

02-27-14, 11:49 pm
Neuter costs vary depending on where you live. You'll need to find a very experienced exotics vet who has done a lot of successful gp neuters because it does have risk. I asked Ferb's vet a lot of questions beforehand. I think I found a list of questions to ask on guinealynx, I'll look for the link.

02-27-14, 11:59 pm
Around me they ra ge from 85 to 126.

02-28-14, 12:42 am
Ok thank you yea I like to ask a lot of questions my self as they say knowledge is power I'd rather know the good and bad then nothing at all trust I love love research that's one of the reasons I asked u lol

02-28-14, 01:11 am
Ask away thats how we all learn. The only stupid questions are the one's we don't ask.

02-28-14, 01:17 am
Ok question wat is a guinea pig kitchen I see y'all mention it but have no clue wat it is

02-28-14, 01:28 am
A kitchen is a designated area of their cage, usually separated somehow from the rest of the cage, where their food, water, hay, and pellets go. Some people make lofts and put their kitchens on a separate level of the cage. Others just have a box or tray or other divider. Some people use different bedding in the kitchen than the rest of the cage, like wood pellets or Carefresh, because piggies like to you know what where they eat and hay sticks to fleece bedding something fierce. It's all personal preference, there's no one right way to do it.

02-28-14, 01:40 am
Ook I got you thanks