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09-15-05, 11:33 pm
I noticed two days ago that my 6 month old male pig wasnt acting as active as the others. He looked like he wasnt feeling well. He wasnt breathing heavy. He ate a tiny bit of veggies, but nothing else. He also hasnt been pooping or peeing at all. He has also been drooling a little. I took him to the vet today and they thought he wasnt passing his poop fast enough. They told me to hand syringe feed him baby food, water, yogurt, pineapple juice, and enrofloxin. Does this sound like the right thing to do? Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with him? Im worried about him. I dont want him to die like my other young pig did.

09-16-05, 06:44 am
Sounds as though he's constipated. I would syringe feed him mashed pellets diluted with water and, if he isn't passing any of his own poops, then use another pigs' poop and syringe that to him (gross, I know, but it's necessary).
I think baby food is high in certain proteins and sugars which aren't all that good to pigs at the best of times. Yoghurt can't be digested very well as it is a dairy product, and as far as I know, dairy products don't do pigs any good.
I think you should also give him a vitamin C supplement as he is not getting any vitamin C. I believe you should buy human ones with as little sugar a spossible and no additives etc. Just a plain Vitamin C tablet. Crush one quarter of it (I'll find out the dose for you), dilute it with water and syringe it to him. I think cranberry juice (no additives) is good for ill pigs too.

09-16-05, 06:46 am
Go to www.guinealynx.info (http://www.guinealynx.info) and post your question there. You will get the correct information you need.

Percy's Mom
09-16-05, 07:18 am
Definitely check out guinealynx for specific info, but I would look for another vet. If yours is suggesting feeding him yogurt, I doubt that he's very cavy savvy.

09-16-05, 07:40 am
Sounds as though he's constipated. .

Guniea pigs do not get constipated. Thought I would just let you in on that little bid of information. I happened to come across that on guineal lynx.

Percy's Mom
09-16-05, 07:54 am
I thought they could get constipated. I've read several times that eating too much banana and some other foods cause them to get blocked up. Where did you see that on guinea lynx?

09-16-05, 10:08 am
These are 2 answers to questions regarding constipation on guinea lynx. The 2nd answer is by Pinta who seems to be the head person on guinea lynx.

1) Piggies don't really get constipated, they get GI stasis, which is very bad.

2) Pigs don't actually get "constipated" as far as I know. Sometimes things stop moving through or slow down. Reglan is usually given for motility problems.

Percy's Mom
09-16-05, 10:11 am
Thanks pennick. I couldn't find that to save my life. Sounds like mostly a wording issue. Stuff like GI stasis and motility aren't words that most people identify with, but constipation they understand. Either way, the best thing is to do some research and get a vet that REALLY knows what they're talking about.

09-16-05, 10:17 am
Not pooping or peeing is bad news. He should be put on Reglan to get things moving. Handfeeding pellet mash and fluids (try unflavored pedialyte) is important too. Perhaps look for a more cavy-savvy vet.

I'm from GL and pinta's not the 'head' person-that's Lynx-but for medical advice there are few, if any, on the board who know more than she does. Take her advice.

09-16-05, 11:03 am
Pinta and Josephine from gl are both very good with medical issues. Josephine is an RVT. I am not sure if Pinta is or not, but she sure knows her stuff. The reason some call it constipation is because the food isn't moving and it's easier for some members to understand the term constipation over GI stasis.

You can feed a pellet mash with a bit of veggie baby food mixed in, give fluids-pedialyte or plain water, skip the pineapple juice. The enrofloxin is Baytril so give it as dosed but about 2 hours after you give the med, syringe a mashed up poo from a healthy cavy to help restore gut flora and skip the yogurt.

09-16-05, 12:40 pm
He needs handfeeding: http://www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html

Is there a better cavy vet near you? Did they check his teeth? Could he have a URI?

09-16-05, 04:22 pm
The vet I took him to is the only small animal vet where I live. They are pretty good. She never said he was constipated. She said that his digestive tract was slowed down. She also suggested the yogurt because the enrofloxin kills a lot of the good bacteria. I watched her check his molars and said they were good. It isnt a URI. She checked for that, and I know that he doesnt have the symptoms. I looked through the information at guinealynx before I even went to the vet. He is very alert, but looks like he isnt feeling well. He is moving around today and drinking water really well. I have to go do another hand feeding now. Thanks.

Percy's Mom
09-16-05, 06:40 pm
Sounds like he was checked over pretty well, but I would still skip the yogurt and go with the "poop soup" that Ly suggested. Being vegans, I'm pretty sure the dairy in the yogurt wouldn't do him much good.

09-17-05, 06:46 am
I'm sure the idea behind the yogurt is to boost the "good bacteria" in his gut. (Vets around here often reccommend it, or prescribe Benebac.) Oral antibiotics often kill the good bacteria, perpetuating the problem. Did they make sure to check his teeth? I sounds a bit like a malocclusion problem to me, with the drooling. That would make him not want to eat, thus no poop. Is there anyway you can get a hold of some Critter Care?

09-17-05, 09:36 am
There are other probiotics that can be used rather than yogurt. It's an old school method.


09-18-05, 04:34 am
She checked his teeth for a long time with a lighted probe thing and said they looked good. I can only trust her. I thought the same thing with the drooling, but it was very minimal. She said that it could just be caused by the upset stomach. Hes eating veggies well, and drinking water now. I have high hopes. I had good luck with my cat when I had to handfeed her for 2 months when she stopped eating. She is realy old.

09-18-05, 03:44 pm
Did the vet do any x-rays?

09-18-05, 10:35 pm
No, she asked me if I wanted to, but said that she would probably recommend the same treatment either way. She told me to come back if things dont get any better. I will watch him for a while tonight and decide if I should take him in again. He looks a little naseous still, but is very active and responsive. I was thinking about getting some of the Reglan from the vet if he still isnt pooping well tonight. We'll see.

09-19-05, 12:19 pm
If you need to take him back, have your vet do x-rays. Some teeth problems can only be diagnosed through x-rays. If he doesn't start pooping, he probably will need the Reglan to help him along.

09-19-05, 11:28 pm
He is peeing. I saw one poop yesterday when he was out, but he ate it. He is eating pellets and hay now. I think he is pooping more when he is out, but eating them. Its hard to tell. I will get xrays if he stops eating the hay, or if he starts to eat less of it.