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02-23-14, 02:56 pm
I love guinea pigs. We had 2 girls several years ago, but after 3 years we gave them to the children's school (to experienced guinea pig owning teachers) because of health issues I was having.

Last month, I decided we were ready to become "new parents" again (no diapers, thank you very much). My 8 year old saw a piggy with slightly large eyes (like bugsy in the bedtime stories movie), so we went home, I built a "habitat", and went back a week later to bring him home.

He seemed a little shy, so I decided I wanted a piggy of my own (daughter thinks Bugsy is hers). We found a young boy that needed adopting, named him "Al Capone", and introductions went beautifully. I actually wanted a different little guy, but Al was much easier to catch, so I took that as a sign that he would end up more family friendly. Hopefully, I was right.

I am looking forward to finishing their "new and improved" piggy prison, and allowing "Lucky Luciano" to "do time" with them ;) (Lucky is a yet-to-be-found pet)

They are currently in a 4-1/2' x 2-1/2' modified cardboard "cage". I, essentially, embedded a thin acrylic liner in a way huge cardboard box (leftover from Christmas). That is covered with a waterproof cotton material, absorbent microfiber clothe, then fleece on top. I am getting a lot of great ideas through lurking here (like a kitchen), and am finding all the info super helpful.

The "rest of us" includes 3 elementary aged kids, 2 naughty big dogs, a dozen chickens, and assorted "found critters" the kids sneak in when I'm not looking.

02-23-14, 02:58 pm
Welcome to the forum!

Please make sure your cage is out of the reach of your dogs, or has a very secure lid on it to avoid any mishaps :)

02-23-14, 03:00 pm
Hi and welcome! I'd love to see pigtures of Al and Bugsy! You might need to reinforce your cage with a strong lid if your big dogs are mischievous.

02-23-14, 03:04 pm
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new piggies!

02-23-14, 04:52 pm
Thanks so much. Both dogs have high "prey drive", so we are always extra careful about anything smaller than them. Ironically, they are big fat babies that still try to sit in my lap (Bernese Mtn Dog and German Shepherd Dog/chow mix). Piggies are currently in my daughter's room with a wooden hinged gate across both doors (with another barrier so they can't jump the gate). Luckily, I have a great question pertaining to this issue, although I am going to post it in the "cages" topic.

And thanks again for the welcome. I love information, and I have been so happy with the quality of info available here. :)