View Full Version : Hi! Finally ready to introduce myself.

02-19-14, 04:53 pm
Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I have a female guinea pig Pippi. (Hence the user name haha). I have really learned so much from this board. My girl is an only pig but very we'll adjusted and happy and a squeaky little thing. She loves cuddles and is a pro at lap time! This is her "school" picture. I am a teacher and the office staff wanted to display pictures of our pets. She rarely wears a bow (special occasions only)

maddy harper
02-19-14, 05:03 pm
hi and welcome :)

02-19-14, 06:16 pm
Thank you :)

02-19-14, 08:22 pm
Hi she is so gorgeous!!

02-19-14, 08:25 pm
So cute! My name is Meghan and my girls are Hershey and Rookie! I don't think either could stand wearing a bow long enough to snap a picturelol

02-19-14, 08:26 pm
She is very pretty. I love the little bow in her hair. It just makes her look so feminine.

02-19-14, 09:06 pm
She's so pretty, welcome!

02-20-14, 02:52 am
I use to love to do my long haired piggys hair. And I mean only a bow for a picture or two. It's just so cute.

Your girl is just to cute! I love the colors in her face

maddy harper
02-20-14, 08:36 am
wish i could see picks...

02-20-14, 03:18 pm
Thanks everyone! I am pretty partial to her cute face too. I feel very lucky she is in my life :)

maddy harper
02-20-14, 04:14 pm
what bread is your piggy :)sorry for any typos

02-20-14, 07:13 pm
Welcome to the forum Katie and Pippi! My name is Stephanie and my two girl piggies are Princess Penelope and Miss Maybelline.