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maddy harper
02-17-14, 11:47 am
hi i am maddy and i have a guinea pig called chock and a guide dog called honey. Chock is chocolate brown on his back with a ginger stomach, a white strype running down his nose, he also has 1 black foot. He has a very loud voice to. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

02-17-14, 11:53 am
Welcome to the forum! You will be able to learn tons here. I have to girls Hershey and Rookie.

maddy harper
02-17-14, 12:11 pm
thanks for the warm welcome

02-17-14, 12:45 pm
Welcome Maddy! Your pig Chock sounds sooo cute! I have two pigs named Sam and Cody. :)

maddy harper
02-17-14, 12:58 pm
i have a seeing eye dog called honey. She says hello to

02-17-14, 03:49 pm
Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty new too and I have two boys called Boris and Harry

02-17-14, 03:50 pm
Welcome to the forum :) I have two girls called Daisy and Minnie, they're short haired Himi's :) Any questions, just ask.

maddy harper
02-17-14, 04:30 pm
thanks for all your messages of welcome. Your all so friendly here.

02-17-14, 05:11 pm
Hi I'm Skylar and I have two boys, Rusty and Squiggles. I'm somewhat new but if you have questions I'd be happy to do my best to answer them!

maddy harper
02-17-14, 05:30 pm
if any one has questions for me i will be happy to answer them to

02-17-14, 06:38 pm
Hi Maddy. It's so nice to meet you. I was wondering what breed of dog Honey is?

maddy harper
02-18-14, 02:50 pm
she s a lab cross retriever.

02-18-14, 02:56 pm
Welcome :) Look forward to pictures of your piglet! :)

maddy harper
02-18-14, 03:40 pm
cant take picks as i am blind. Wish you all could see how much of a hansome boy he is

maddy harper
02-19-14, 04:17 am
i play different instruments to, i play harp, piano, jembe, tenor and alto recorders and irish flute.