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02-15-14, 09:38 pm
Hi, I have two piggies Tweek and Onyx. We live in Baltimore, MD. I am also looking to take in another female piggie but I haven't had any luck in Baltimore. If there is anyone here from Baltimore, MD It would be great if I can find a female piggie that needs a new home. I would give pics of my babies once I learn how to add pics.I may need help on that!

02-15-14, 09:50 pm
Pico911 try www.mgpr.org
Also someone in B'more had 2 female babies on guinea pig zone recently (but they may already be adopted).

Welcome to the forum, we'd love to see pictures of your piggies!

02-15-14, 10:33 pm
Welcome, Pico!
I'm in Columbia. I am not sure about females, but the Howard County shelter has two boars (last I checked). Also are you familiar with Small Angels? It's a small pet rescue in Frederick. They sometimes have piggies, though I'm not sure what they have right now.
There were a few piggies on CL in the area when I was looking a few weeks ago. I ended up taking one from the HoCo shelter myself. I have boars though. :-)

02-15-14, 10:36 pm
They have a pair of skinny pig sows! Aww.

02-15-14, 11:34 pm
melynda & Pico911 we're all Maryland neighbors, I live in Germantown!

Also, the Montgomery County shelter has piggies for adoption.

02-15-14, 11:36 pm
Rywen - I have friends in Germantown so I'm there a lot. My girlfriend just moved to Silver Spring but she lived in Gaithersburg before that. :-)

02-15-14, 11:49 pm
Pico911 I just checked and the Montgomery County Humane Society has 2 female piggies for adoption.

02-16-14, 01:33 am
Thanks, Rywen There are just 2 problems. I can't get there and I kind of want another breed other than a smooth silky.

02-16-14, 01:52 am
Being as though I have i have no way out of Baltimore, I have to find a closer place. My roommate cares for the my piggies also and has had a bad experiance with a short hair that was not properly care for by the previous owner and wants a different breed. Thanks for all of the responses. I have looked at all sites they are just too far for me.

02-16-14, 06:30 am
Seeing as you can't get out of Baltimore, that makes it more difficult. I live in Virginia and have family in Maryland but I'm not completely familiar with the area.

02-16-14, 06:36 am
Other than a short hair, the only other one I found on the website I'm currently on is in Potomac. She's an abby I think

02-16-14, 06:44 am
I found a female on craiglist that needs to be rehomed. In Baltimore. She isnt a short hair and shes really cute. $50 comes with cage, sleeping house, water bottle, and food bowl

02-16-14, 02:43 pm
My friend was looking somewhere recently and found a bunch of piggies but I can't remember where I'll have to ask her. She's in Overlea.
Where in the city are you. Pico? My business partner lives in Hamilton.

02-16-14, 05:41 pm
I live in Baltimore, MD. I have no car so we would have to make a plan. does she have pics.

02-16-14, 06:23 pm
Overlea and Hamilton are neighborhoods of Baltimore. :-). Both are in the northern part of the city towards the county line.

02-16-14, 06:25 pm
I myself live in Columbia, which is south of the city, about a fifteen/twenty minute drive from downtown.

02-16-14, 10:41 pm
I would like to know if she still has them.

02-16-14, 10:43 pm
Oh, she didn't have them, she was looking at some place nearby that did, a shelter I believe but I can't remember which. I texted her earlier and asked, haven't heard back yet but I will let you know, for sure!

02-17-14, 04:31 pm

maddy harper
02-17-14, 05:09 pm
hello and welcome

02-17-14, 05:34 pm
Thanks maddy harper! 61407

02-18-14, 12:30 am
Hi! I'm new here too! How do I make a post?

02-18-14, 05:35 am
To post, you go to the area of the forum you need advice in, so medical & veterinary is one, about guinea pigs is another, then you click 'post thread' :)

02-18-14, 10:14 am
Thanks a lot lol I was so confused :)

02-18-14, 01:11 pm
No problem! :)

02-18-14, 09:12 pm
@Pico911 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=30918) try www.mgpr.org (http://www.mgpr.org)
Also someone in B'more had 2 female babies on guinea pig zone recently (but they may already be adopted).

Welcome to the forum, we'd love to see pictures of your piggies!


02-18-14, 09:45 pm
Pico911 They are all gorgeous piggies, you have a beautiful herd!

02-19-14, 02:35 pm
Thanks Rywen. I want to add another female to my family! Since they are all different breeds I am looking for either a peru or a long haired female. Everyone here has been so helpful in my quest. I love this site!

02-19-14, 03:51 pm
Which is male and which is female?

02-19-14, 11:13 pm
The white is female and the brown is male

02-19-14, 11:38 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum my piggie star welcomes you to.