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02-14-14, 05:58 pm
Hi everyone,

i just joined this forum. I have one male pig whom i got from a rescue almost a month ago. His name is Scruff and he is alone right now because he was being really mean to his cage mate. He even tried to attack the female in a cage next to him at the rescue. So for now he is alone but is getting much friendlier and trusting. He also had mites. He has had his second dose of Ivermectin today. The mites were causing him pain and I couldn't even pick him up but now he's much better and has stopped biting me. He is turning into a really nice piggy now!!!! I couldn't be happier!!!

02-14-14, 06:03 pm
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your new addition :).

02-14-14, 06:46 pm
Awwww, poor little guy. Welcome to the forum and thank you for adopting a piggie from a rescue!

02-15-14, 03:20 am
awwwe! he wants to be sweet you can just see it in his eyes. sooo adorable. i can see why u fell in love with him. hope he makes a full recovery soon. the little moments as you get to know his personality are so special. welcome to the forums.

02-15-14, 06:49 am
Scruff is adorable! Welcome to the forum!

02-15-14, 08:01 am
yes he is sweet and getting so much better, I think he was in alot of pain around his hind end from the mites because he is much easier to handle just in the last 4 days. He even let me examine his belly yesterday. I thought he would have no fur left from chewing on it but he looks good!

02-15-14, 09:03 am
Welcome to the forum! I love his name and hair do! Hope he gets better.