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02-14-14, 10:57 am
Happy Valentine's to all of you ;)

I've been trying to find some cute accessoires for bunny for a while now and everything cute/fleecey seems to be for piggies only, therefore too small. bunny is a rex mix, btw.
I made him fleece beds but I feel so bad because other than that and chew toys, I'm at a loss of what else I could do/get for him. he lays on the fleece pad in the kitchen that's on top of the regular cage fleece to contain spilling messes so I know he likes it soft and fluffy

I'm specifically looking for a hidey, maybe hammock etc. because during floor time he likes to take naps under the couch...... which will be a no-no come next weekend because hubby is going to put something around the bottom of the couch to block the access. we have a ikea couch supported in part by wood beams and I really don't want hun bun chewing his way through

Does anybody know of a store or someone who makes larger than guinea pig accessories???

02-14-14, 11:06 am
You could perhaps look at ferret products? I imagine they'd be pretty big?

ETA: you could look at soft fleece/fabric cat beds and products too!

02-14-14, 06:06 pm
No hammocks for bunnies. They could get hurt.
Have you tried binkybunny.com?
They have some good, rabbit safe supplies.
My buns also like the oh-so-lovely-looking cardboard boxes to hangout in.

I found this collage photo of the box, but it has other pics too. I'll post it here anyway:

02-18-14, 12:55 pm
Princess_Piggie : I always imagined ferret products being far too small for bunnies too since they always seem to be very narrow as well (as far as tunnels goes anyway).
I do have a cat bed that kitty #1 didn't use but it has somewhat higher sides. low enough to jump in but too high to "walk in" which is what I assume he doesn't like about it. I have been looking at some cat beds with covers/roofs online though because I would like to get him something that gives him the feeling of being in an enclosed/secure/hidden spot which he seems to like.

Gandalf : thanks for the info about hammocks, I had no idea! and I will take a look at the website. I have gone through several cardboard boxes as well and it will remain my go to thingy if I can't figure out something more cute that's still cheap enough but I'm really hoping to find something a bit cuter. perfect example that most of the time all the cute stuff we get for the pets is more for us than for them lol since yours and mine seem to have a blast with cardboard ;)

02-18-14, 11:05 pm
Yeah, isn't it funny that the hideys bunnies seem to like most are the ones they can destroy! The willow huts are usually a big hit, but they also get chewed up eventually. I've tried a couple cat hideys, but my buns started chewing through the fabric on the inside and getting to the foam/batting inside... so I had to throw the hidey away.
Oh, I also have one of these green plastic accordian tunnels - the large one - that they seem to enjoy too.

02-19-14, 12:03 pm
haha, jap! same here with my bun bun =) the more he can chew on it while he's chilling on/in it the happier he is lol and it does not matter how many papertowel rolls or chew blocks I put in/hang in the cage, he favors the stuff I'd rather not have him chew on. I haven't tried the willow huts, they seem rather uncomfortable to be in and expensive to just be chewed up :-/
I have one of those tunnels too! I leave it out for floor time and it's actually big enough for bunny and kitty to use it, so this one is actually a win-win for all.
I guess I could always paint something cute on the cardboard boxes too to make them look a bit more cute LOL