View Full Version : Inside measurements of 2x3

09-14-05, 04:56 pm
Can someone please tell me the measurements of the inside of a 2x3 cage? Also the inside measurements of any other size cage would be wonderful as well. This is for making cage liners out of fleece and towel material. Thanks!

09-14-05, 05:48 pm
It will depend on the type of grids used such as mine are 14.5" grids where as some use 14" grids. With my grids the measurements of a 2x3 would be 28" x 42.5"

Percy's Mom
09-15-05, 07:24 pm
Do you already have the 2X3 made? Your best bet would probably be to measure your own coroplast tray since everyone's could be slightly different sizes. If you don't have a flexible tape measure, cut a piece of string to fit and measure that.

09-15-05, 07:25 pm
I actually have a 2x4, but I found the information on Cavy Cages' website. Thanks anyways!