View Full Version : adopted little pig last weekend- need advice on diet, noises & do I need another one

02-13-14, 04:50 pm
Hello -
We just adopted a 3 year old female last weekend and I am in need of advice.

Her diet:
1. she will eat fresh veggies all day if I let her. I've read various quantities as to how much to feed a guinea pig.
1 cup? 25 grams? (I've been giving her about 25 grams 2X a day)
I think I have figured out WHAT to feed her - thanks to various online sources - just don't know how much.
2. She has access to timothy hay 24/7. but, her food bowl never seems to be touched. That's a little concerning to me. do I need to switch food? emptied her dish and will see if she eats anything by the morning.

she really doesn't make any noises. only a few squeals and teeth chattering. I hold her , and she nuzzles right up, but I can't tell if she's comfy or terrified. She's super sweet, but she doesn't display any of the chirping and enthusiastic squeaks that I remember from the guinea pig I had during college. I looked up different sounds with a sort of guide to interpreting them, but she's not very vocal. how can I tell if she's ok / happy / scared / angry?

Do I need another one:
when we adopted her, they said she came in with another guinea pig and that she was pretty aggressive with him. they said guinea pigs usually do great in pairs/groups, but they would not recommend pairing her with other pigs, since she is deemed "aggressive to other guinea pigs" and that she was more of a "people pig".
is this possible? everywhere online, it seems pigs do better in groups, that they get lonely. is this why she is so quiet? She does amazing with us - I think. I mean, she either loves to be held (we can hold her for almost an hour) or she is terrified. should I consider getting her a little buddy? if I did go that route, I'd probably get another female - and....get a bigger cage (currently has an 18"x40")

any advice on any or all of my questions would be appreciated.

02-13-14, 05:41 pm
Did they say what they meant by aggressive? Was she just rumble strutting and mounting, or was she pulling out fur and making him bleed? She might just be a dominant piggie. Also, if you just got her last weekend, she will probably still be settling in and most likely won't make much noise (but my pig became quiet even after he was settled, so she could also be quiet from loneliness).

02-13-14, 05:51 pm
The people there were not more specific, but they kind of implied that the reason the owners gave them up was because of the fighting between the two.

02-13-14, 07:02 pm
Females can be...tricky to pair up. I've got one girl who is (for lack of a better term) a bit of a cow. When trying to match her up with a friend we went through 12 pigs. 12! She picked Fizzy, or rather, Fizzy was smart enough to not try and heckle back. She would just turn around and walk away. Space is imperative, even with girls, some pairings will do fine in a 2x3 right from the word go. Fizzy and Emma started off in 5.5x4.5 C+C and even then they still had issues (they are now in a 2x4 and get along fantastically!).

Of course, there are some pigs who just don't get along with other pigs and they do have to live alone but these are the exception rather than the norm. Just find a good rescue and you'll be able to match them on personality and even do some playdates first before adopting.

As for veggies (I'm assuming you mean lettuce because you mention cups), I don't really measure it anymore, I just go with a handful of lettuce each, 3 or 4 chunks of red or green capsicum (that's daily) and then rotate treats through. For dry food, it could be that she's not really familiar for a pelleted diet, a lot of pigs come into rescues and shelters getting fed seed based diets and the pellets are unfamiliar to them. Just be patient, it could take awhile for her to go 'hey, this is food!', you could also try mixing in some tiny chopped up veggies (like carrots) to see if that gets her interested in them.

02-14-14, 07:20 am
Thanks Aertyn :)

I am going to be patient and give her some time to adjust. I forgot that even though I immediately fell in love and adore her, I'm a total stranger to her. I will be getting her a bigger cage, but will wait on finding her a companion.

about her diet - I gave her a smaller food bowl for her pellets and it seems she is eating them just fine. I've been feeding her a variety of things usually 5 different veggies each time to give her a balance of calcium (parsley+green pepper+squash+cucumber+carrot or romaine+cucumber+celery+cilantro+blueberry)

thanks again!