View Full Version : Hello, teenage girl with lots of piggy experience who's welcomed two more boys

02-13-14, 02:18 pm
Just welcomed two more boars after losing my last girl in December and being really upset so I waited nearly two months before getting any more.
I haven't had many boys before so I'm pretty new to that side of the piggie area.
My boys are very new. (owned them under one week) and they live in the same cage. They're called Boris (after Boris Johnson) and Harry (after prince Harry)

02-13-14, 02:26 pm
Welcome! Post pigtures!

02-13-14, 02:32 pm

02-13-14, 02:33 pm
Oh my goodness! Those hair do's! <3

02-13-14, 02:47 pm
Hehe :) They're around 7 weeks old (they were one day over 6 when I got Boris on Saturday)

02-13-14, 02:49 pm
How sweet! I have 6 boars and we're adopting two more on Tuesday! All ranging from 3.5 weeks to 2.5 years old!

02-13-14, 02:54 pm
Awww! :D I've mostly had females before these two :)

02-13-14, 03:04 pm
Adorable piggies!

02-13-14, 03:06 pm
Thank you! Everyone seems so kind although all the rules seem a little scary :confused: I hope I don't forget and do something wrong

02-13-14, 03:27 pm
Your pigs are SO CUTE! Oh my god, I'm dying hahaha.
I've always wanted a cream and white piggie ;)

02-13-14, 03:49 pm
Thank you! Boris is really lovely natured and Harry's a little nervous but we'll work through it and build his trust slowly :)

02-13-14, 04:02 pm
Your piggies are adorable.

It's so nice to meet you and your little guys. This is such a great forum. I've received such good advice from the members here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

02-13-14, 04:38 pm
Thank you, Kelsie! It does seem like a lovely place so far

02-13-14, 05:00 pm
Also, I'm wondering how I'll know if my boys are getting along. They are littermates but I got Harry 2 days later because Boris seemed really sad (I was worried about fighting) didn't buddy bath but introduced them and then put them in together. Boris mounted him and chased for a while that's all no rumbling or hair pulling but they sleep in different houses a lot of the time. So my mother is worried about them falling out but I thought they were doing okay? She thinks they'll fall out when they reach puberty. Is this true?
I have placed girls together no problem in the past, I'm just not so experienced with males. We've never had two girls fight properly.

02-13-14, 05:29 pm
Yeah, once they hit puberty it will probably get a little worse but if they are only 7 weeks it will be a while until that starts so they should have time to sort out their dominance :) (they have puberty around 6 months to a year I believe) Unless they are drawing blood they should be fine, even if they aren't cuddle buddies. They are adorable! Welcome to the forum!

02-13-14, 05:39 pm
Nope, no blood has been drawn. I hope they get along. Also, for example, is Harry needs a bath will it cause them to fight? And will they both need to be bathed at the same time? Just for future reference.

I just want to get everything right since I'm not used to boys and I had a horrible experience with dwarf hamster that were meant to get along. (had to rehome one because they were stressed even being in same room. Only had one 5 days and still have my beautiful 4 month old Wesley now)

Thats why my mum is a bit worried

02-13-14, 06:38 pm
I don't think that bathing would cause them to fight, I bathe mine on the same day so I don't know for sure... Also not sure if you already know this boys need "butt baths" for their grease glands, how often they need it depends on the pig

02-13-14, 06:43 pm
Hamsters are not the same as guinea pigs when it comes to males getting along. With some hamsters, they can only live alone. Male guinea pigs will usually get along as long as they have enough space. Males need more room per pig than females do.

02-13-14, 08:38 pm
They. are. Adorable.
I don't know, but something about abby's, they have this baby face that they never loose until they are 6 months old. Your pigs have those baby abby faces <3 I love it.

02-13-14, 08:44 pm
Your boys are adorable! I hope bonding the two goes smoothly. And welcome to the forum!

02-14-14, 01:57 am
Thank you, everyone. Yes, I know about 'butt baths' I've had boys before but alone or with a female amd neutered.

I know hamsters are different, my mother just doesn't want the same thing to happen and that's why we're a little cautious. :)

02-14-14, 04:19 am
Hello and welcome! Would I be correct in assuming you're a fellow Brit? lol

Boris and Harry are absolute cuties :) It's likely they'll fall out when they hit puberty, but as long as some measures are taken the likelihood is, you won't have to separate. How large is their cage? Do you have hideys with multiple exits? Two of all food and water sources? These are some little tricks you can use to try and keep things as calm as possible when the terrible teens hit :)

02-14-14, 10:38 am
Their cage is just over the requirements and we currently have 2 bottles but one bowl in but as they get older we'll put the other in (they share okay and waste half of it by kicking shavings into it so to save food they only have one bowl right now)
They have pigloos. I'm guessing these will need to be removed and two bottles.

Yes, I'm British :)

Will they fall out really bad? :( I'm a little worried.

02-14-14, 11:10 am
Honestly, it depends on the pigs individually. You can expect all the usual behaviours like nipping, chasing, mounting, rumblestrutting, food stealing etc. The only cause to separate/worry is actual biting, and food guarding. If one's for example, being bullied away from the veg pile, make two piles at each end of the cage. Not both can be guarded at once.

I'd take the pigloos out and get something with at least two exits, that'll mean neither can get trapped. You could get a low down footstool as a hidey, or a very large wooden bridge also. You could also make a fleece-forest as a hidey. Anything they can't get trapped in in a fight really.

As long as you have two bottles, and their hay can be accessed from both sides so that can't be fought over, you're doing pretty much everything you can :)

02-14-14, 11:14 am
Thank you! Will the pigloos have to be removed until they're out of puberty? Or are they a bad idea all together?

02-14-14, 11:55 am
It really depends. I've used pigloos for my two boys ever since they were babies and they never caused fighting. But if you notice one pig trapping the other, then the pigloos probably have to go.

02-14-14, 12:42 pm
Thank you! I'll keep them for now :)

02-14-14, 12:49 pm
I'd wait until they start to cause problems too, I mean I have a one entrance hidey for my girls but that's because they like to snuggle together anyway. I did have two when I first got them but they never used one and always slept together in their favourite, so I just got a bigger one for them to share :) But if they seem to cause problems, take them out. You might get lucky and find they have a pretty smooth puberty though :)

02-16-14, 11:15 am
Thank you, I'm hoping they have a pretty smooth one!

04-30-14, 02:41 pm
They are ssssssooooooo adorable!!!!

04-30-14, 02:51 pm
Hey! Your Boys are SOOOOOOO cute!!!