View Full Version : Hi people from thailand!*waves*

happie gurl
09-14-05, 02:12 pm
Hi! I went to Thailand for a month last winter, and it was GREAT!:D The people are sooo nice, and the country is beautiful! I love it so much, and am planning to go back with my family in a few years or so.
Just saying hello lol
*waves* Hope to talk to some of you soon!:cheerful:

09-17-05, 04:44 am
Hiya, I live in the uk, but I used to live in thailand. My dad has published a few books out there, so thats why we were living over there! were in thailand did you go??

happie gurl
09-25-05, 12:54 pm
I went like...allll over.:D it was so great!

09-26-05, 01:03 am
did you go near may hon song, thats were we used to live!

happie gurl
02-04-06, 03:48 pm
ohh lucky! I didnt go there, I'm not sure where that is..