View Full Version : Hello everyone, these are my piggies!

Lisa Morris
02-08-14, 04:58 pm
Hello everyone!

I have 2 girl piggies called Noodles and Pancake! This is my first time owning guinea pigs so I'm still learning. They are both long haired, Pancake is white and ginger and Noodles is the tri-coloured one. Noodles is very out going and just loves to explore she is very cheeky! Where as Pancake is very shy and very skittish compared to Noodles. It's amazing how very different they are to each other! I got them in June last year, I think they're around 8 months old, when I got them I wasn't sure on their age. The first photo is when I first got them.




Just recently upgraded them to a C+C cage and they love it!



I've joined this forum to get some advice and see if I can help others too. This forum and others like it have been great for a first time piggy owner like myself! I hope you like my pictures.

02-08-14, 05:10 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum. Pancake and Noodles are gorgeous. Love the funky hair-dos!

02-08-14, 05:13 pm
Welcome! Your pigs are absolutely beautiful! I love the hair!

02-08-14, 05:14 pm
Welcome to the forum! They are too adorable! I love the yellow coro.

02-08-14, 05:31 pm
Gorgeoussss! I love them!

02-08-14, 06:02 pm
Too adorable for words!!!!

02-08-14, 07:16 pm
How cute! Love the names too!

I'm Sarah and my girls are Daisy and Minnie, they're twin Himi's :)

02-08-14, 07:49 pm
Welcome! Your girl piggies are beautiful!

Lisa Morris
02-14-14, 01:57 pm
Thanks everyone for you warm welcome an doing words for my piggies! :)

02-14-14, 02:32 pm
Your piggies are gorgeous. I love their crazy hair.

I also have that yellow coroplast. It really makes the cage nice and cheery.

02-14-14, 02:57 pm
I love your pigs! They have such cute hair! :love:

02-14-14, 05:05 pm
Welcome to the forum! I'm Stephanie and my two girl piggies are Princess Penelope and Miss Maybelline. My Maybelline has almost the exact same coloring as your Pancake, but Maybelline's face is a bit darker and she is a Coronet/Silkie. Anyways they are both adorable and I hope you enjoy it here! :)

02-14-14, 05:08 pm
Wow, that is some crazy hair. I was afraid to get long haired guinea pigs because I have never had any pigs before, and didn't know how to groom them. Anyway, I'm new here too, but welcome to the forum!

02-14-14, 06:31 pm
Hehe my Trekky parents would call them tribbles! I would call them beautiful :) I love their colours, and your cage colours (Mine is black grids and yellow coro too!) My pigs Dagny and Rango say hi to Noodles and Pancake! Great names btw