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09-14-05, 07:04 am
Hiya, I know that people have recently been told not to mention there age if they are under 18. Just wanted to point out that peoples ages are made public on the 'todays birthdays' section.

09-14-05, 08:10 am
That's only if they leave the year in their profile. People without a year do not have a number next to their name.

09-14-05, 10:18 am
Yeah but I just think if they arent allowed to say there age on threads (which I totally agree with) then the function to have your age next to your birthday shouldnt be allowed either. It seems a bit of a contradiction. xxxxx

09-14-05, 11:23 am
People under the age of 18 were told not to have their year in their birthdate in thier profiles as well as on threads. It is real easy to go into someone's profile and find out their age if they left their birth year in.

I don't think it's a software issue. I think it's just people not taking the time to fix their profiles.

Also, are all these people active users? Have they been here since this new rule applied?

09-14-05, 11:37 am
There shouldnt be the option to put your birthdate in x

09-14-05, 01:20 pm
Kids/teens under the age of 18 were asked to remove their year of birth from their profile. Not everyone whose birthdays come up at the bottom of the main forum page are still active members.

I don't think it's a software issue. I think it's just people not taking the time to fix their profiles.
That is the majority of the problem, the members under 18 not taking time to go in and fix their profiles.

09-14-05, 01:38 pm
Why shouldn't you be able to put your birthday in? Just becuase a few kids are being irresponisble, doesn't mean that the rest of us can't have fun.

Besides the birthday option may be built into the software. Why should Cavy Spirit have to hack it? It's not her fault other people don't care about their saftey.

Why do people always cry to admins to save them from themselves?

09-14-05, 02:56 pm
Because we live in a culture where everything that goes wrong is someone elses fault and no-one is ever responsible for their own actions.

Sorry - bad day. Going for a lie down now...

09-15-05, 02:43 am
Because we live in a world of weirdos and paedophiles. Even the most carefull people can get tricked over the internet! By all means put in your birthday, just not your year of birth if you are a child!

09-15-05, 11:19 am
Yes we live in a dangerous world, but it is the individual's job to protect themselves, not he admins. The feature should not be removed based on a couple of people not caring.

People could use their real name as a user name too. Should we do away with user names?

I've been surfing the net since I was 14. I have always let my birthday, gender and country be know. Without knowing my real name, the city I live in or any other particulars I don't see what people could do with such little info. A 21 year old female in Canada doesn't get you very far now does it. Now that I live in a really big city I don't mind giving away that info either. A 21 year old female in Toronto doesn't get you much farther.