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02-06-14, 08:41 pm
Hello, I've owned two wonderful guinea pigs for about a year. I've only just made an account here now, but I've followed these forums and forums like it for a long time now for information, and it's helped me a lot lol.

I just wanted to make an account in case I have questions about their care, and so that I can share them with other people that love guinea pigs too.

These are my guinea pigs here:




*The observant might see the corn kernel. At the time this was taken I didn't know those posed choking hazards and had it for a treat. They no longer have corn or seeds, and I since threw the bag away :(.

Prophet is a very happy guinea pig and is curious about everything. Champion is a little skittish. When we got them, my friends and I gave them their quirky names. Because of their personalities, we have a bit of a joke that prophet foresaw that I'm not going to eat him, so he's not scared of me or people, but Champion makes highly tactical retreats.

I hope I get to know some of the people on these forums as a member :).

02-06-14, 09:02 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your piggies are really cute. I can see the spunkiness in Prophet's face. I have four pigs and one of mine is very timid also. She even burrs and runs into her hidey when the doorbell rings. I've had her for three years and she has always been that way. I've just accepted that she is never going to be a confident piggie. When she acts so afraid her sister just looks at her with disgust. I know Brownie is just thinking you are a disgrace to piggies everywhere. HaHa.lol

02-06-14, 09:11 pm
Welcome to the forum (which I just typed as furum, lol)! Your piggies are adorable!

Amanda Branch
02-06-14, 10:51 pm
Hi!!! Welcome to the forum!!! Champion is identical to my Squeakers!!!!!

02-07-14, 10:24 am
Those are FANTASTIC names! I love when piggies have uncommon names!