View Full Version : Hello again from northern BC

02-04-14, 10:28 am
Hello again everyone! I couldn't add to my original post because it was so long ago, but I wanted to share that my Newman finally has a buddy, Cosmo! We found him through a Facebook post; he needed a new home due to allergies. After a wild evening of getting acquainted, the boys seem to have settled down. I found them snuggled together this morning, so I think they're going to be ok :)
will try to add a pic: Cosmo on left, Newman on right

02-04-14, 10:29 am
What the heck?? Sorry, don't know why it posted upside down!?!

02-04-14, 10:30 am
Oh well, Newman = dark, Cosmo = mostly white

02-04-14, 11:10 am
hi welcome again ;) and congrats on finding a buddy for your piggy and them getting along well :) very cute piggies!

02-04-14, 12:26 pm
Oh my goodness Newman looks just like one of my first boys! Gah. Brings back memories it does. Welcome back! :)