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02-02-14, 10:43 pm
hi there! My name is Michael and I have recently become a guinea pig owner. My two piggies are named Nibbler and Blanky. Nibbler is the dark one and Blanky is the kinda calico colored one. Looking forward to learning more from everybody on here!

02-02-14, 10:47 pm
Welcome Michael, Nibbler and Blanky!

02-02-14, 10:52 pm
Thank you! I want to get more pictures of them but they are still a little skittish because I've only had them for like 3 weeks.

Amanda Branch
02-02-14, 10:58 pm
Welcome to the forum!!!! Your piggies are cute!!!

02-02-14, 11:16 pm
Aw thank you, I think so :) I did have a question and maybe I should nake another post but I was wondering at what age oiggies reach their full size. I see other people's piggies and they look quite a bit bigger than mine. I believe mine are about 6 months old.

02-03-14, 12:49 am
Welcome to the forum Michael, Nibbler and Blanky! I'm Stephanie and we are happy to help you where we can. :)

Guinea pigs are about full size anywhere from 10 months to about 13 months. Yours don't quite look 6 months to me. Around 4 months would be my guess. How much to they weigh each? That'll also help to determine their age. :)

02-03-14, 01:12 am
Thanks Stephanie! Not sure how much they weigh don't have a small enough scale. I got my piggies from the store and the girl gave me that age as an approximation. Will they likely get a lot bigger do you think?

02-03-14, 01:33 am
It's best to get a kitchen scale and weigh them weekly, because the easiest way to tell when a guinea pig is getting sick is when they lose weight or if they're young it's to see if they are gaining weight like they should be. They are only like $15 at amazon or Bed Bath an Beyond. :)

Since most guinea pigs don't reach their full size until about 10 months I would say yes, they still have a bit of growing to do. :)

02-03-14, 01:37 am
Also since you got them from a petstore you'll want to double check their gender to make sure they are both the same sex as they sometimes get it wrong.


02-03-14, 01:43 am
Okay I'll definitely look into a scale. And I checked and could tell that they are both boys. Their behavior shows it too, they are always trying to assert their dominance over each other lol.

02-03-14, 07:49 am
Try and get a scale with a large bowl, not a flat scale, very rarely can you get a pig to stand still long enough for an accurate weighing!

Once you've weighed them, we can give you a more accurate age guess, but I agree with Stephanie, 4-5 months I'd say they are. My girls are 8 months and a fair bit bigger than yours, but all guinea pigs have individual weights that suit them. That is, just because an 8 month old boar weighs less than an 8 month old sow, doesn't mean either is over/underweight. Mine weigh in the 800g area so my guess is yours should be between 500-700g.

Welcome to the forum from me (Sarah) and my girls Daisy and Minnie :)

02-03-14, 07:58 am

I am so happy you joined this forum!:o

02-03-14, 09:26 am
Welcome to the Forums! Your piggies are very cute:)

02-03-14, 11:56 am
Princess_Piggie Actually a flat one works just fine, because they almost always have a tare. Which means you can put a bowl on top of it, and then cancel the weight by pressing the tare button. Most have this, but you'll need to make sure it says that it has a tare option in the description. :) I liked being able to pick out my own bowl, because I could make sure it was big enough. Though I agree, when you want a guinea pig to stay, they all the sudden have the courage of a lion and the curiosity of a cat. lol

02-03-14, 12:34 pm
That'd work too I guess! I didn't even think of that haha!

02-03-14, 05:18 pm
Thanks for the advice everyone! Will look into a scale once I get paid :)

02-03-14, 05:23 pm
Gorgeous boys!

02-03-14, 06:17 pm
Aw so cute!! Welcome!!

02-03-14, 06:36 pm
Hey Michael! Welcome to the group! Your piggys are ADOREABLE!

02-03-14, 10:26 pm
Hi and welcome to the forum, you've deffinetly come to the right place.

02-03-14, 11:07 pm
Thank you everybody for the warm welcome! My charming boys have attracted a lot of attention :)