View Full Version : New cavy owner!

Jared Hoekstra
02-02-14, 04:02 am
Hello. My name is jared. I am a 14 year old male and have recently got my first guinie pig. Her name is daisy. She is a beautiful piggy and i love her, but she is still getting used to her new home. I have made a c and c like cage, with a foam ground and 2 layers of towels than a fleece blanket. She lives in a shoebox right now, but im currently working on a home with 2 layers. The cage is a mess but it is a start. Once a day i pick her up and try to make her feel more confortable to be around with me. My goal with her is to have a cute cuddle buddy who i can snuggle with. She poops alot. haha. Her favourite food is carrots, but she mostly eats lettuce.