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Karas pigs
07-06-01, 10:04 pm
I think I'm becoming (maybe I already am ) obsessed with my pigs and there little environment. My husband says I spend more time dealing with the preparation and serving of their meals than I do for my family's meals!! Tonight I went to freshen up the cage and I found wet Cell-Sorb under the water bottles and LOTS of hay "stuff" under their hay rack that they are DONE with. So... I started to use a spoon to get it out and then came my bright idea! I used salad tongs to get the old hay out and to remove the wet bedding! It worked pretty well on the wet bedding, but it worked GREAT for the hay! You would be amazed how much comes up and how easily it comes up off of the bedding. I put a plastic grocery bag in the cage and then just "tonged" away! When I was done, I knotted up the bag and threw it away. it took about 5 minutes. I was so excited, I just had to share.

Kara the neurotic!! Also, the girls thought I had lost it with all these "strange" things in the cage.

07-09-01, 06:54 pm
I think you are going over the edge!

Or joining us there, anyway. Robert bought a small garden rake and sawed off the handle so it's only about 2 feet long. He uses that to "rake" the hay and top layer of bedding for cage refreshes! :)

Karas pigs
07-09-01, 07:01 pm
Hey, what is it they say? "Necessity is the mother of all invention!!" We needed... we found a way!! At least I don't have my husband involved!!! he, he, he!!

07-09-01, 07:05 pm
Uh, excuse me, you don't NEED your husband involved! :evil:

Karas pigs
07-09-01, 09:41 pm