View Full Version : Adding a loft to a MW cage

01-30-14, 11:00 pm
Anybody here have lofts added to their MW cages? if so, how did you do it?

I live in a small condo and space is limited so I'm playing with the idea of expanding up instead of out but I'm not entirely sure how I'd do it. Need to keep the cage covered because I have cats. I'm hoping some of you can provide me with some inspiration.


02-12-14, 11:56 pm
Could you somehow construct a means of supporting a loft? Maybe using a table that sits over part of the cage, or build a structure using grids?

I use wooden dowel rod to support the roof of my Midwest cage. It's attached to the grids using cable clamps. It has sagged slightly over time, though that's to be expected as it is spanning free space. Maybe you could use something like that to construct a frame to hold your loft.

02-13-14, 12:03 am
Thank you!
I actually got a ton of help from Mellisenda and I'm nearly finished.
I'm waiting to install the ramp (that's what's laying in there) until I've introduced the pigs so it will be new space for both of them.

02-13-14, 09:29 am
Looks great! How did you do it? I'd like to add a loft to my MW cage at some point.